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Start your countdown to Christmas with our quirky advent calendar picks

Celebrating the countdown to Christmas has never been more exciting thanks to the array of unique and quirky advent calendars on the market. While waking up to a chocolate each December morning is a tasty treat it’s time to shun tradition and think...

yesterday, 18:18 in Regional East

Runaway Derbyshire police suspect claimed he slowed down to give chasing female officer a chance

A police suspect who ran away and smashed his way through a gate revealed he had slowed down when he realised he was being chased by a female officer to give her a chance. Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on November 16 how Keelan Cooper, 21, of...

yesterday, 16:33 in Regional East

Labour’s Matthew Callingham wins East Retford West by-election

Labour has retained a council seat in a by-election in Bassetlaw, after a former councillor had to resign his seat. Councillor Matthew Callingham will now serve as the Labour councillor for the East Retford West ward, winning with 49.6 per cent of the...

yesterday, 16:33 in Regional East

Bassetlaw man siphoned fuel from bosses

A Retford man who stole diesel from his bosses and offered to repay £1,500 was told that he owed £15,000, a court heard. CCTV recorded Nicholas Barnes filling his pick-up truck and a five gallon drum with diesel before his shift at Bloom Plant Hire,...

yesterday, 15:57 in Regional East

Man stole from Sutton stores to fund 25-year drug habit

A man stole food, cans of deoderant and Christmas lights from Sutton shops to fund a 25-year drug habit, a court heard. Craig Roebuck took £39 of lamb from the Co-Op, on September 13, coffee and cheese worth £18, and £17 of laundry products, from the...

yesterday, 15:47 in Regional East

Two casualties cut from crash on M1 Junction 25 as traffic builds

Two casualties who became trapped after a crash on Junction 25 of the M1 have been rescued by firefighters. Two lanes of the southbound side are reportedly still closed after the crash between a lorry and a car this afternoon. Firefighters from...

yesterday, 14:58 in Regional East

Wildlife expert Dr Ruth Tingay to speak at Retford nature reserve

Leading wildlife campaigner Dr Ruth Tingay will be visiting Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Idle Valley Nature Reserve in Retford next month as aprt of the trust’s high-profile lecture series. Erin Daid, the trust’s head of communications said: “We...

yesterday, 14:38 in Regional East

Tributes paid to 'beautiful' 15-year-old boy who died on a Nottinghamshire railway track

The family of 15-year-old Joe Parker who died on the railway in Newark yesterday morning, Thursday, November 15, have paid tribute to their "beautiful" son. Joe’s parents and sister, said: “On 15th November we lost Joe, a beautiful, kind and...

yesterday, 13:57 in Regional East

Mansfield cannabis man says he will “grow up”

A Mansfield man who was caught with cannabis has resolved to “grow up” and concentrate on providing for his family, magistrates heard. Officers stopped Jordan Jackson’s car on King’s Mill Road East, because they wanted to advise him about revving his...

yesterday, 13:57 in Regional East

Homeless man gets three months for stealing two jumpers in Mansfield

A homeless man who stole two jumpers from a Mansfield store has been imprisoned for three months. CCTV showed William Gamble taking the items from the New Look store, in Westgate, on November 15. He was stopped by a security guard, and the clothes...

yesterday, 13:47 in Regional East

Jail for homeless man spotted on Mansfield market place

A homeless man who ignored a court order banning him from Mansfield town centre for the seventh time has been jailed. Kyle Gregg was due to meet his father to borrow money when CCTV picked him up in the market place, on November 14. Two days earlier...

yesterday, 13:47 in Regional East

Mansfield drug addict told to behave himself

A heroin addict who missed a drugs test in Mansfield and risked being sent back to prison was told to behave himself, a court heard. Craig Dixon failed to turn up on September 5 for the appointment, after he tested positive for drugs, following an...

yesterday, 13:47 in Regional East

Drunk Mansfield man who got behind wheel escapes driving ban

A drunk Mansfield man who jumped into the driver’s seat of a car after it was seen entering a service station by the exit has escaped a driving ban, a court heard. Officers watched a Ford S-Max enter the Tesco Express service station, on Lowmoor Road,...

yesterday, 13:47 in Regional East

Aldi is hiring staff for Christmas and beyond – and the pay is brilliant

If you’re looking for some extra cash in your pocket for Christmas then Aldi could be just what you’re looking for. The budget supermarket has a number of stores across Nottinghamshire and are once again looking for staff to work there. Despite...

yesterday, 12:57 in Regional East

Cop chases Notts crook around who stole Boots Little Mix make up - and then tried to sell it to police

A Nottinghamshire Police officer who chased a thief around Bulwell who stole from Boots said they got their "cardio session in for the day". The thief later tried to sell the stolen Little Mix make up to police while in custody. A member of...

yesterday, 11:53 in Regional East

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