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Winter Blooms: the season's best high jewellery watches

Dior Grand Bal Pièce Unique No 07 Jardins ImaginairesWith its Grand Bal Jardins Imaginaires collection, Parisian brand Dior honours its heritage. Placing the oscillating weight on top of the dial, this normally hidden proponent becomes a design...

26 November 2019 in Auto

What is a hung parliament - and what happens if we get one?

Two-time prime minister Benjamin Disraeli famously said that “England does not love coalitions”, but in recent years we have become quite used to them. Since 2010, there have been only two years during which the UK has had a majority government, with...

26 November 2019 in Politics

Leaked documents reveal brainwashing in China’s prison camps

Leaked documents have exposed the systematic brainwashing of Muslims in China’s network of high-security prison camps. The Guardian says the papers reveal the “largest mass incarceration of an ethnic-religious minority since the second world war” and...

25 November 2019 in Auto

How healthy is Donald Trump?

The US media has been busy analysing the health of President Donald Trump since he had a non-scheduled hospital visit nine days ago. Trump’s personal doctor has insisted the visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington was a...

25 November 2019 in Auto

Black Friday 2019 smartphone deals: iPhone 11, Google Pixel 4 and more

The Black Friday sales bonanza gets under way in a matter of days, but there are already plenty of deals to be had on some of the latest smartphones.  TechRadar describes the annual sales event as the “best time of the year to upgrade your phone...

25 November 2019 in Business

The ‘alarming’ trip that changed Jeremy Clarkson’s mind on climate change

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he now believes in climate change following a moment of “epiphany” while filming his motoring show in Cambodia. The former sceptic says he and his The Grand Tour co-stars were confronted by a “graphic demonstration” of...

25 November 2019 in Auto

Will a Conservative majority government ‘get Brexit done’?

The Conservatives are branding the December vote as the Brexit election, with the pledge to “get Brexit done” at the centre of party’s campaign. Indeed, Prime Minister Boris Johnson repeated his favourite catchphrase eight times in his introduction to...

25 November 2019 in Politics

British army to see number of troops slashed

Defence chiefs are considering plans to slash the size of the British army and lend out one of the Royal Navy’s flagship aircraft carriers amid fears they could be forced into further spending cuts. The Conservative manifesto unveiled yesterday...

25 November 2019 in Auto

Rudding Park Hotel and Spa: a Cannabidiol experience

I remember visiting London when I was in my early teens and being struck by how many people wore the same rubber-toed trainers. Those trainers were Converse, and despite this being only around 16 years ago, I’d never seen them before. Ever since then...

25 November 2019 in Auto

General Election 2019: The pros and cons of legalising drugs

With its manifesto pledge to legalise the use of recreational cannabis, the Liberal Democrats have put the contentious issue of drug use back on the political agenda. Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson admitted on Newsnight that she smoked cannabis while at...

25 November 2019 in Auto

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