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Health: Looking after your cholesterol

Jenny Logan writes about monitoring your cholesterol In my last article, I mentioned the NHS ‘heart age’ check, people are being encouraged to engage with at Read more: Health:...

yesterday, 15:33 in Regional North West

Top scare attractions in Lancashire 2018

You are in for a scare with these upcoming Halloween attractions. For related Halloween articles click here: Here is where you can pick your own Halloween pumpkin in or near Lancashire and 8 of Lancashire’s spookiest events this Halloween

yesterday, 10:12 in Regional North West

Concerns grow for missing St Helens teenager last seen on Monday

Merseyside Police is becoming increasingly concerned for the whereabouts of a teenager who hasn't been seen since Monday. Harpreet Singh Sherry, from Halewood, was last seen in Taylor Park, St Helens on Monday, 15 October at 6pm. He hasn’t been seen...

Wednesday, 10:35 in Regional North West

Police launch new operation to hunt down criminals

Police have released a list of wanted criminals being targeted under a new operation. Merseyside Police is appealing for the public’s help in tracing a number of wanted individuals from the St Helen’s area as part of ‘Operation Aspen’. Operation...

Wednesday, 09:53 in Regional North West

Jobs bosses in St Helens upbeat despite claimant count rise

Employment bosses in St Helens remain positive about the town's jobs market despite the number of people claiming benefits going up. Latest labour market figures show there were 3,230 people receiving out-of-work assistance in September, a slight...

Tuesday, 17:25 in Regional North West

Column: Jimmy Cricket - Tribute to Barry Chuckle

Jimmy Cricket writes about his bond with the late Barry Chuckle. The untimely death of Barry Chuckle in August has prompted a cherished memory of working in pantomime with him and his brother Paul 28 years ago. It was 1990, the Darlington Civic. The...

Monday, 14:31 in Regional North West

Health: Coping with COPD

Nicola Parker writes about protecting yourself from the debilitating curse of COPD One of the things I took a special interest in during my studies is COPD – an umbrella term for a group of breathing conditions, including emphysema, chronic bronchitis...

Sunday, 14:49 in Regional North West

Cold and flu season is upon us - but how do you tell the difference between the two?

While the common cold and the flu can both give you the sniffles, they are caused by different viruses and vary in severity. Shamir Patel, pharmacist and founder of said: “Many people confuse the two, mistaking the flu for the common...

12 October 2018 in Regional North West

Lancashire Wine School's visit to a Derbyshire vineyard

Colin Burbidge, of Lancashire Wine School, writes about his trip to a vineyard in the heart of Derbyshire. As we settled in for the short journey from Belper to Wessingham, destination for our vineyard tour, I asked our guide, owner and...

12 October 2018 in Regional North West

Feature: Is your floury bap becoming a crusty roll

Regional words are at risk being phased out as north battles south for supremacy. Reporter Charlie Bullough looks at reports on the demise of dialect and the people who are fighting to keep it alive The days of having a bap with your tea may soon be...

11 October 2018 in Regional North West

What can we expect when Storm Callum hits Lancashire?

Storm Callum is set to hit various parts of the UK, including Lancashire, but what can we expect when the storm arrives? The third storm of the 18/19 season is set to bring heavy downpours and strong gales to Lancashire, with yellow weather warnings...

11 October 2018 in Regional North West

Storm Callum set to batter the North West with heavy rain and strong gales

The third storm of the 18/19 season has just been named, with Storm Callum set to hit the North West with heavy rain and strong winds. This intense area of low-pressure will pass to the west of Ireland, northern England and Scotland during Friday....

10 October 2018 in Regional North West

Burnley woman's Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder was a mystery illness

I had graduated with an English degree, landed a job at my local newspaper and moved in with my boyfriend of around four years. With no mortgage, studies or children to worry about, I should have been having the time of my life. Instead, I spent my...

10 October 2018 in Regional North West

NHS is fire-fighting unstable disorders in Lancashire

A medical expert has warned underfunding is affecting treatment for people in Lancashire with personality disorders. Psychiatrist Dr Faheem Naqvi said mental health services are “fire-fighting” and warned it increased the risk of misdiagnoses....

10 October 2018 in Regional North West

Health: Know your heart age

Jenny Logan discusses the importance of maintaining your heart and blood pressure Recently, it was announced that a collaboration between the NHS, Public Health England and the British Heart Foundation had created an online questionnaire, to let...

9 October 2018 in Regional North West

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