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Dani Garavelli: Islamophobe hypocrites ride wave of sympathy after Christchurch

Many of those expressing outrage at the mosque killings have helped normalise the race hatred which led to them, writes Dani Garavelli The massacre of 49 Muslim worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, prompted a mass outpouring of...

Sunday, 12:49 in Politics

Brexit vigil protestors hoping to stop whole process

THE temperature is three degrees and falling, the wind chapping hands and faces as people huddle at bus and tram stops along Edinburgh’s Princes Street, all desperate to get home on a Thursday evening. At the east end, in the shadow of the statue of...

Sunday, 11:55 in Politics

Tory MSP ‘fears for safety’ after online threats and abuse

An MSP has told how she fears for her safety after a string of online threats and abuse. Glasgow Tory MSP Annie Wells said she has contacted Police Scotland over the social media posts. She told the Scottish Mail on Sunday she has been advised to...

Sunday, 11:55 in Politics

Ruth Davidson admits to "panic" when polls shifted to Yes in indyref

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives did not want the Prime Minister to make a last-ditch visit to Scotland in the final days of the independence referendum campaign. And Ruth Davidson also admits that she did not want the No campaign to focus on...

Sunday, 11:11 in Politics

Call to abolish Scotland Office after costs rocket

The SNP has called for the Scotland Office to be abolished after it emerged the cost of communications staff has risen more than sixfold in a decade. The cost of the Scotland Office communications staff now stands at around £710,000, despite the...

Sunday, 11:11 in Politics

Dundee comic favourite Oor Wullie to go on musical tour around Scotland

He has been Scotland’s favourite comic-strip scamp for more than 80 years - and now he is set to get his own musical. A production dedicated to the adventures of Oor Wullie will tour the country after being launched in his home city of Dundee in...

Sunday, 10:56 in Lifestyle

Game of Thrones couple Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie buy £660k Edinburgh flat

Game of Thrones couple Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie have bought a £660,000 Edinburgh flat. The pair purchased the property six months after they married in Scotland, the Scottish Sun revealed. A source told the newspaper that the flat is situated in...

Sunday, 10:56 in Lifestyle

Otter resurgence is going swimmingly

Otter numbers are soaring in many of Scotland’s waterways following a sustained push to clean up the country’s rivers. Amateur wildlife photographer Ross Lawford, who is producing a new book documenting his enduring fascination with the creatures, has...

Saturday, 23:59 in Environment

Leader: Sturgeon should stick to cautious indyref2 strategy

It may well be true that Nicola Sturgeon has the power as First Minister of Scotland to hold a second independence referendum – if not to actually act on a Yes vote – as constitutional experts believe. But just because one has the power to do...

Saturday, 23:54 in Politics

Bill Jamieson: Pessimism greets spring in Chancellor’s step

It didn’t take long for Scotland’s business organisations to puncture the sanguinity of Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Spring Statement last week. He reeled off benign forecasts of modest economic growth steadily improving over the next five years and...

Saturday, 23:54 in Politics

Queensland, the best address on Earth, Scotland on Sunday travel

‘Now we gotta be careful here,” Kerry Neill whispers, brushing aside a low-hanging branch. “We don’t want to run into the Junjudee.” The forests of Queensland are home to plenty of weird and wonderful creatures. Walking among the pristine, ancient...

Saturday, 23:48 in Lifestyle

Fingal, Historic Port of Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland on Sunday travel

Moored at Alexandra Dock in Leith, the former Northern Lighthouse Board tender Fingal is Scotland’s latest unique hotel experience. Transformed into a 23-cabin hotel and exclusive-use venue by the team behind The Royal Yacht Britannia, this floating...

Saturday, 23:48 in Lifestyle

Warning of overload in childhood trauma data

Child protection experts have raised concerns over the routine gathering of information on childhood trauma after the Scottish Government signalled its intention to begin collecting the data. There is growing interest in the study of Adverse Childhood...

Saturday, 23:44 in Politics

Enlightenment exhibition hails golden era of ideas

The biggest ever exhibition celebrating the Scottish Enlightenment – the nation’s golden era of great thinkers – is to be staged this year. The National Library of Scotland will bring together leading intellectual, cultural, medical and scientific...

Saturday, 23:38 in Lifestyle

Review: Hyundai Kona Electric

Imagine going to refuel your car and having to wait an hour to get a free pump. Or finding the pump isn’t working. Or that the nozzle may not fit your car. Or the station may not accept your electric charging account. Or you may not have enough juice...

Saturday, 23:38 in Lifestyle

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