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Cutting Scotland’s drink-drive limit fails to make roads safer

The reduced drink-drive limit in Scotland has had no impact on cutting road accidents, a new study has found. The Scottish Government cut the legal blood alcohol limit for motorists from 80 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood to 50 in...

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Brexiteer fantasies are wrecking Britain – leader comment

The attempt to oust Theresa May as leader of the Conservative Party was bound to fail from the start and was nothing but a meaningless distraction. They were doomed to fail from the start, they knew it, yet still they sallied forth to make a stand for...

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How to fix the NHS and Scotland’s health – Catherine Calderwood

Improving cancer treatment and mental health care, persuading people to take more exercise, and ensuring parents and babies are healthier are among the most important steps that could be taken to improve the NHS, writes Catherine Calderwood,...

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Brexit: Imperial dreams leading to Little Britain – Kenny MacAskill

As Brexiteers try to bully Ireland – a country where the Famine is imprinted on people’s collective memory – with talk of food shortages, the UK is trashing its international reputation and heading not to a new Golden Age of Empire but to state best...

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The ‘useless’ quirks of evolution that help prove theory – Ben Garrod

Humans are the only animals to have a chin – it’s not quite clear what the protruding bone is for – and we also have a vestigial ‘third eyelid’, writes Ben Garrod. Evolution is a fascinating field but can be rife with misunderstanding. One...

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Labour veteran Dennis Skinner accused of calling SNP MP ‘a piece of s**t’

Veteran left-wing Labour politician Dennis Skinner has been accused of calling an SNP MP a ‘piece of s**t’ amid a deepening row between the two parties over how to tackle Theresa May over Brexit. The SNP’s Stewart McDonald claimed in a tweet that Mr...

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Scottish Budget: Economy to remain sluggish amid Brexit uncertainty

Growth in the Scottish economy is likely to remain sluggish due to continued uncertainty about Brexit, experts have warned. The Scottish Fiscal Commission said that while the economy would grow by more than expected in the next year, longer term...

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Video: The Scotsman life sciences conference 2018

Scotland’s life sciences community come together again in November to set a course for the industry to meet its ambitious turnover target of £8 billion by 2025. The title of the event, Moving Forward Together: To 2025 and Beyond captured two key...

yesterday, 21:26 in Health

Theresa May wins no confidence vote

Prime Minister Theresa May is set to remain as leader of the Conservative Party through Brexit after triumphing in a vote of no confidence among her party’s MPs. The result of the vote, which was triggered after 48 MPs expressed their lack of faith in...

yesterday, 21:10 in Politics

Attainment in Scottish Higher exams falls for third straight year

Attainment in Higher exams has fallen for the third year in a row, new figures have shown. Scottish Qualifications Authority statistics show A-C passes at Higher are down marginally by 0.2 per cent between 2017 and 2018. National 5 qualifications have...

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EU has fun with Theresa May’s Brexit plight

Theresa May criss-crossing the continent on Tuesday in a bid to save her Brexit deal before returning home to find she had to save her own job, gave Europe’s newspapers the opportunity to offer their view of British politics yesterday. Some had a bit...

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Brexit deal still in limbo as May refuses to name new vote date

The UK’s exit deal from the EU remains in limbo, with the Prime Minister refusing to set a date for MPs to vote on the agreement and signs of fresh unhappiness in government over its contents. International Trade Secretary Liam Fox suggested that the...

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Mentally-ill children treated at Scottish adults wards rises

The number of mentally-ill children treated in non-specialist wards in Scotland has risen, latest figures show. The lack of psychiatric care facilities has been blamed after almost 100 incidents of children and young people being admitted to...

yesterday, 20:01 in Health

Bill Jamieson: Derek Mackay brings Scottish budget of relief

Even before finance minister Derek Mackay concluded his Budget speech in Holyrood, there would have been relief amongst his strongest critics that it is still possible to have ‘normal’ parliamentary politics in the UK, with Holyrood displaying the...

yesterday, 19:51 in Politics

Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish Budget an example of ‘strong and stable government’

Nicola Sturgeon has hailed the Scottish Government’s draft Budget as an example of “strong and stable government” - contrasting it with Westminster’s Brexit “shambles”. The First Minister spoke out in favour of the “strong and progressive” package of...

yesterday, 19:51 in Politics

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