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Scottish Greens reluctant to pledge support for SNP budget

Scottish Greens leader Patrick Harvie has issued a warning to Finance Secretary Derek Mackay that his party is not yet ready to offer its support ahead of this week’s budget. It has emerged that formal talks between the Greens and the SNP are yet to...

Sunday, 10:30 in Politics

Grace Millane: Body of missing backpacker found in New Zealand

A body believed to be British backpacker Grace Millane has been found near a beauty spot on the outskirts of Auckland. Detective Inspector Scott Beard, of Auckland City Police, said formal identification was yet to take place, although “based on the...

Sunday, 10:15 in Hot News

Leader: Wake-up call on the health threat of coffee and cakes

Obesity rates in Scotland are among the highest in the world. That is a familiar refrain but it should be no less shocking for that. The reasons are complex but there is little doubt that the price and availability of high-calorie food is a...

Sunday, 00:01 in Health

Tories call on Mackay to avoid wider tax gap in budget

The tax gap between Scotland and the rest of the UK must not grow wider when Finance Secretary Derek Mackay unveils his Budget this week, the Scottish Conservatives have said. Mackay raised eyebrows last week when he hinted that there is still scope...

Sunday, 00:00 in Politics

Review: Mercedes-Benz CLS 400d 4Matic

Here’s a debate for the Smallbore Bar: will BMW’s UK sales of new cars overtake those of Mercedes-Benz this year? Come on, show some interest at the back. By the end of October BMW had closed the gap to within 2,000 of the M-B tally of 149,482. And...

Saturday, 23:59 in Lifestyle

The Big Interview: Gary Turner, co-founder of accounting software firm Xero

Paranoia, at least a healthy dose of it, is vital if you want to avoid being steamrollered by the next big thing in tech, says Gary Turner. “How disappointed must Friends Reunited be that they didn’t see the bigger picture? They were way before...

Saturday, 23:55 in Business

SOS for private landlords over Osborne tax

Thousands of buy-to-let landlords could be forced out of business when tax demands land early next year, according to a Scottish property expert. In January, landlords will face having to pay significantly higher income tax bills as measures brought...

Saturday, 23:55 in Business

Ian McKee: Seize the initiative in climate change battle

We all know the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst effects of climate change – that has been clear for a while now. What is becoming increasingly apparent is the extent to which this offers an economic opportunity for...

Saturday, 23:52 in Environment

Raincoat maker Hancock seeks £15k on Kickstarter to launch bespoke range

A Scottish raincoat manufacturer, whose customers include designer Stella McCartney, is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Friday to back its first bespoke offering. Hancock Vulcanised Articles is looking to raise £15,000 on Kickstarter by 18...

Saturday, 23:51 in Politics

Euan McColm: Irish food shortage the backstop of a scoundrel

In my daydreams, there’s a special place in Hell set aside for politicians who claim their remarks have been taken out of context. Theirs is the cowards’ defence, the weasel-worded response of the well and truly bang-to-rights. No decent person in...

Saturday, 23:44 in Politics

Licence revoked: Why it’s time Bond asked Q for the condoms

He has forged a career out of keeping the British end up and earned a reputation as one of cinema’s most notorious womanisers. But the near insatiable sexual appetite of James Bond has been singled out for criticism by new research which highlights...

Saturday, 23:43 in Lifestyle

Don’t let them eat cake: obesity fear over cafes boom

A leading public health nutritionist is calling on local authorities to tackle the growing number of cafes opening in Scotland’s high streets. Professor Annie Anderson says the availability of cakes and sweets has risen considerably, with planners...

Saturday, 23:41 in Health

Insight: Clearing the West Bank of bombs for baptisms

The lilting voices of two dozen Muscovite pilgrims rise up from the muddy waters of the River Jordan. Clad in oversized white T-shirts and smocks, they might be mistaken for hospital patients were it not for the vibrant paintings of the Baptism of...

Saturday, 23:34 in Politics

‘Holy grail’ hydropower plan unveiled for Scottish lochs

The company behind a major green energy scheme that will use water from Loch Ness to create a giant “rechargeable battery” is planning to develop two new similar projects at Loch Awe and Loch Tay. The proposal to create a 450-megawatt pumped storage...

Saturday, 23:23 in Environment

Highland villagers raise their beers to the Seven Men

They were the band of West Highland “land-raiders” who decided to defy their Nazi-sympathising landlord in the wake of the Second World War. The group of war veterans famously staked out 65 acres of arable land each and 10,000 acres of sheep-grazing...

Saturday, 18:34 in Hot News

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