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Brian Monteith: Think the unthinkable – Nicola’s on the way out

The SNP is losing its nerve. Why can we tell this is happening? Simple, ­because we are at last ­seeing the symptoms of decay in its once strict internal discipline. SNP politicians briefing against each other, hostile opposition to official policy,...

Thursday, 10:35 in Politics

Humanist Celebrant : Here’s the way to have the best wedding

I had mixed feelings on seeing the first copy of my book yesterday. On one hand, I was delighted with how it looked but on the other, I was dismayed to spot an omission in the acknowledgements: I’d forgotten to say thanks to the royal family. Like the...

Thursday, 09:33 in Lifestyle

Fife tech firm Paywizard conjures up deal wth BT Sport

Fife-based technology outfit Paywizard has agreed a deal to help BT Sport deliver pay-per-view events. The subscription, billing and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist said its system was now live and being deployed to support a number...

Thursday, 09:22 in Politics

Edinburgh pensioner shocked as naked couple enter wrong Airbnb flat and have sex in front of her

AN 80-year-old woman was shocked when a naked couple ran into her flat in an Edinburgh tenement and started having sex in the living room before realising they had got the wrong door. The couple fled after they were alerted to their mistake by another...

Thursday, 09:03 in Lifestyle

Crossing borders with your dog after Brexit

If I am staying in pet friendly accommodation in the Republic of Ireland after Brexit will I still be able to take my dog across the border from Northern Ireland? A. The answer to this all depends on whether we leave the EU with or without a deal and...

Thursday, 07:11 in Lifestyle

Theresa May faces another embarrassing Commons defeat on Brexit

Theresa May is facing another embarrassing defeat after Tory eurosceptics warned they would vote against a symbolic motion on Brexit this evening unless it keeps the option of no deal on the table. Downing Street denied the Prime Minister was ruling...

Thursday, 06:37 in Politics

Donald Trump is ‘probably’ sane – leader comment

Donald Trump’s tweets are to be used at Edinburgh Science Festival to assess how the public make decisions about the state of a politician’s mental health. “Someday the Fake News Media will turn honest & report that Donald J. Trump was actually a...

Thursday, 06:25 in Health

Most Scots would trust their GPs to advise them on assisted dying

Most Scots trust their GPs to make the call on whether they should be allowed to seek assistance to die, new research indicates. But the country is largely split on the issue, with widespread concerns about whether terminally ill patients would feel...

Thursday, 06:25 in Health

Jeremy Corbyn’s plan for ‘Lexit’ will see the left eaten alive – Kenny MacAskill

Opposing Brexit is essential for the left, which should have forged closer links with European social democrats, but Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership seem to believe leaving the EU offers the chance of creating a socialist paradise. It’s...

Thursday, 06:20 in Hot News

The ‘secrets’ behind a long and health life are simple – Dr Punam Krishan

There is nothing more cheery for a doctor in Scotland to see a recurring headline that reads “Life expectancy rise in Scotland grinding to a halt”, writes Dr Punam Krishan. As I look at my ageing parents at one end of the spectrum and my five-year-old...

Thursday, 06:20 in Hot News

Immigration is an ‘economic necessity’ for Scotland – CBI

This week CBI Scotland joined stakeholders from across Scotland in appearing before the House of Commons Scottish affairs committee to give the reaction of business to the UK government’s post-Brexit immigration proposals. This week CBI Scotland...

Thursday, 06:20 in Hot News

Two-year Brexit delay would inflict nervous breakdown on UK – Bill Jamieson

Bill Jamieson’s anxiety over the prospect of a two-year delay to Brexit appears to be affecting the mental health of his cat. I blame Brexit. I am having to book our beloved cat, Poosie Nancy, into sessions with a cat behavioural psychologist....

Thursday, 06:20 in Hot News

Brexit: UK’s strategy in talks with EU has a fundamental flaw – leader comment

Using the threat of a no-deal Brexit to win concessions from Brussels relies on EU leaders believing we’d ruin our own economy. The comparisons and metaphors used to describe a no-deal Brexit tend to have the same theme – “driving off a cliff”, “as...

Thursday, 06:20 in Hot News

Heart failure survival rates only ‘slightly improved’ in 18 years

Survival rates for people diagnosed with heart failure have shown only small improvements in the last 18 years, research has suggested. The government has failed to focus on the condition, which affects more than 920,000 people in the UK, in favour of...

Thursday, 06:20 in Hot News

House prices in Edinburgh and Glasgow to grow above UK average

The cost of housing in Edinburgh and Glasgow is set to rise above UK averages over the next five years, market analysis has revealed. Figures published by property consultancy firm JLL forecast it will become more expensive to buy or rent a home in...

Thursday, 06:10 in Lifestyle

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