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Here’s why Scotland is in sights of Putin’s Russia – Andrew Foxall and James Rogers

As Vladimir Putin turns his eye on Scotland, the SNP has been visiting states in the Baltic and elsewhere to find out how they respond to the Kremlin’s meddling, write Andrew Foxall and James Rogers. Scotland is in the Kremlin’s sights. Since Vladimir...

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Hospitality industry must address its mental health issues – Stephen Jardine

Health of staff in food and drink businesses must be taken seriously, says Stephen Jardine. This week thousands of delegates gathered in Glasgow for Scotland’s biggest food, drink and hospitality event. Held every two years, ScotHot is a showcase for...

Saturday, 06:43 in Hot News

David Steel’s record deserves better than Lib Dems’ hasty action – Brian Wilson

I know Lord Steel of Aikwood only slightly but have long respected his integrity and consistency. Nobody in the past half-century has done more to give practical expression to Liberal values. Against that background, his current treatment seems...

Saturday, 06:43 in Hot News

Ireland makes Jeremy Corbyn and SNP look bad on Brexit – Brian Wilson

Irish opposition’s stance on Northern Ireland backstop puts opportunism of Labour and the SNP to shame, writes Brian Wilson. In these weeks of turmoil, it is a good corrective to keep an eye on the Irish Times for an alternative perspective. This...

Saturday, 06:43 in Hot News

George Clooney: ‘Stop vilifying Meghan for ‘living life’

George Clooney says the Duchess of Sussex is being vilified for just “living her life”. The Hollywood star previously launched an outspoken defence of Meghan, comparing her treatment with that of Diana, Princess of Wales. Now he has explained why he...

Saturday, 06:39 in Lifestyle

Vince Cable dismisses TIG saying Lib Dems will be ones to benefit from anti-Brexit mood

Departing Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable has dismissed the Independent Group as a “completely artificial phenomenon” and said his party will be the one to benefit from the anti-politics, anti-Brexit mood. The Lib Dem leader has praised the...

Saturday, 06:27 in Politics

Philip Hammond joins talks with DUP as Brexiteers begin to waver on deal

The Westminster government has stepped up negotiations with the DUP in a bid to get its Brexit deal through parliament next week, bringing the Chancellor into talks ahead of a third vote expected on Tuesday. Philip Hammond’s meeting with senior DUP...

Saturday, 06:27 in Politics

Less than a fifth of Scots aware of ‘safe’ alcohol limits

Less then one in five people in Scotland know the country’s recommended alcohol limits, it has emerged. The revelation comes as the Scottish Government launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the guidance, which states men and women should drink...

Saturday, 06:27 in Politics

Transgender suspects able to ‘skew’ crime statistics

There are calls for an independent review of how gender is recorded after it emerged Police Scotland allows criminal suspects to self-identify without providing proof of their birth sex. Justice secretary Humza Yousaf told MSPs on Wednesday that the...

Saturday, 06:27 in Politics

Christchurch mass murderer and 9/11 terrorists are one and the same – leader comment

Islamophobia, antisemitism and all forms of prejudice provide a false justification for those prepared to commit mass murder – that’s one reason why we all have a duty to oppose such hateful ways of thinking. Peaceful, innocent people murdered by a...

Saturday, 06:27 in Politics

Edinburgh tram extension is no Brexit insurance policy – John McLellan

Some Edinburgh councillors appear to think three miles of tram tracks will be some kind of insurance policy against the vagaries of international relations, writes John McLellan. The ongoing Brexit debacle infects everything, even popping up in...

Saturday, 06:27 in Politics

Was feminism just a myth? Edinburgh starting to feel like it – Susan Dalgety

In the 1990s, strong women helped put Edinburgh in the vanguard of civic life in Scotland, but the city council seems increasingly male dominated, writes Susan Dalgety. Sometimes it is hard to shake off the feeling that we are facing the end of days....

Saturday, 06:27 in Politics

Thousands skip lessons to take part in climate protests spread across Scotland

Thousands of Scottish school pupils and university students skipped lessons and lectures yesterday to take part in a growing worldwide movement for action on climate change. Demonstrations were held in 18 locations around the country as well as in...

Saturday, 06:20 in Environment

Holyrood probe set to spark Scottish arts funds overhaul

Scottish arts funding is set for an overhaul after a parliamentary probe was ordered in the wake of widespread criticism of how the nation’s main culture quango hands out grants. MSPs will explore the creation of a more “sustainable model” of...

Saturday, 06:10 in Lifestyle

Jenny Ross: Don’t let bank scammers hammer you

Imagine spending years building up a nest egg only to be tricked out of it in the space of a few minutes. You don’t have to be careless with your cash to lose life-changing sums. That’s the cruel irony of bank transfer scams – in many cases victims...

Saturday, 06:10 in Lifestyle

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