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Do dock leaves cure nettle stings? Here's what to do if you get stung

For centuries dock leaves have been used by many as a simple way to stop the pain of nettle stings, but do they actually help or is it simply a placebo effect? There are numerous home remedies which all claim to be the best way to cure nettle stings,...

Friday, 14:31 in Yorkshire & Humber

The poisonous plants that could harm your children - and the symptoms to watch out for

Although many garden and woodland plants are completely harmless to wildlife and humans alike, there are also some specific poisonous plants which can pose an extreme danger - especially if your little ones come into contact with them. These plants...

Wednesday, 17:32 in Yorkshire & Humber

This is why Yorkshire does not currently have a hosepipe ban

United Utilities recently announced that a hosepipe ban will come into place on August 5 in the north-west of England, but where else in the UK has one and why doesn’t Yorkshire? A hosepipe ban was introduced in Northern Ireland at the end of June and...

Wednesday, 17:32 in Yorkshire & Humber

Domestic abuse spiked during World Cup, police in West Yorkshire reveal

DOMESTIC ABUSE incidents spiked during England matches in the World Cup, police in West Yorkshire have revealed. The force dealt with 297 abuse reports on the day of the England versus Sweden game on July 7, nearly double the number seen on that day...

Tuesday, 13:24 in Yorkshire & Humber

Record-breaking 999 demand as West Yorkshire Police takes 2,307 calls in one day

West Yorkshire Police is urging members of the public to think before they call after facing unprecedented demand to the 999 emergency number. The number of calls to 999 - meant for use only in an emergency or when there is a threat to life - was up...

13 July 2018 in Yorkshire & Humber

Buy a brick to show your support for Maggie’s Yorkshire cancer centre

Yorkshire’s first cancer centre for patients from across the region is expected to open next year after almost a decade in the pipeline. But a final push is needed to raised the remaining £300,000 that will help to complete the ambitious plans for...

13 July 2018 in Yorkshire & Humber

Human trafficking can be stopped says crime commissioner after police rescue two children in Halifax

The rescue of two suspected human trafficking victims found by police in Halifax shows the "vile crime" can be stopped, a crime commissioner has said. Mark Burns-Williamson, the police and crime commissioner for West Yorkshire, today said...

13 July 2018 in Yorkshire & Humber

Police in Halifax rescue two children during human trafficking operation

Police in West Yorkshire have rescued two children who are thought to have been trafficked into the UK. The children, both aged 17, were located in two stores in the Halifax area, where they were found in the company of staff who were working. Read...

13 July 2018 in Yorkshire & Humber

Weekend weather round-up: What to expect in Yorkshire as Storm Chris makes its way to the UK

Will the weather in Yorkshire this weekend be bright and sunny or bleak and grey? Here’s the weather forecast for Yorkshire over the next three days. Storm Chris is threatening to bring a change in weather conditions and a yellow weather warning is...

13 July 2018 in Yorkshire & Humber

Yellow weather warning issued as torrential rain and thunderstorms are set to hit Yorkshire

The Met Office have just issued a yellow weather warning for Yorkshire, as heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected on Friday between 11:00 and 20:00. This weather warning is also currently issued in the East Midlands, East of England, London &...

12 July 2018 in Yorkshire & Humber

Long-term weather forecast shows there’s no end in sight for Britain’s heatwave

Although Storm Chris is threatening to bring rain and wind to the UK, the temperatures are still unusually warm and are set to rise again by the end of this week. Britain’s heatwave has broken multiple records and has seen temperatures soar past 30C,...

11 July 2018 in Yorkshire & Humber

8 ideal jobs in Yorkshire if you love working outdoors

If the recent scorching temperatures have made you want to head outdoors, these exciting job opportunities around Yorkshire could be just the ticket to breathe some fresh air into your career. Gardens and Parks Consultant, National Trust Ideally...

10 July 2018 in Yorkshire & Humber

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