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The importance of ‘teazle’

If you wander the riverbanks of the valley at this time of year, you won’t go far before stumbling across Dipsacus fullonum - known as teazle, writes horticulturalist and gardener Simon Zonenblick (pictured) in the first of a number of occasional...

Saturday, 13:32 in Yorkshire & Humber

What is balconing? Foreign Office warns Brits on holiday in Spain

More than 12 million British nationals visit Spain every year, and although most visits are trouble-free, the Foreign Office is now warning visitors about the risk of ‘balconing’. What is ‘balconing’? ‘Balconing’ involves the act of jumping into into...

Friday, 17:09 in Yorkshire & Humber

Dangerous tropical illnesses commonly caught abroad – and how to avoid them

Although travelling to tropical countries can be exciting, it always carries some risk of potentially falling ill. For the most part, getting sick on holiday is usually limited to a dodgy stomach bug, but in some cases this can be a lot more serious....

Friday, 17:09 in Yorkshire & Humber

Police numbers have risen in West Yorkshire

The number of officers in West Yorkshire Police has increased over the last year, new figures from the Home Office show. But across England and Wales, the reduction in police officers to the lowest level since 1996 has led the Police Federation to...

Friday, 14:30 in Yorkshire & Humber

Do dock leaves cure nettle stings? Here's what to do if you get stung

For centuries dock leaves have been used by many as a simple way to stop the pain of nettle stings, but do they actually help or is it simply a placebo effect? There are numerous home remedies which all claim to be the best way to cure nettle stings,...

Friday, 14:30 in Yorkshire & Humber

Weekend weather round-up: What to expect in Yorkshire over the next three days

Will the weather in Yorkshire this weekend be bright and sunny or bleak and grey? Here’s the weather forecast for Yorkshire over the next three days. In general, temperatures will still be warm, reaching peaks of around 24C, with it also feeling quite...

Thursday, 16:54 in Yorkshire & Humber

Compromise motion means Calderdale Council policy to tackle modern slavery can progress

Tackling modern slavery is something Calderdale Council should do – but councillors argued about the best way to go about it. Labour and Conservative councillors both felt each other’s preferred policy – aiming to ensure council procedures will be...

Thursday, 14:18 in Yorkshire & Humber

£400,000 approved for necessary work as Calderdale Council takes on running Orangebox

Councillors have agreed to fund around £400,000 to address infrastructure issues at a high-profile Calderdale youth project. Calderdale Council’s Cabinet has already agreed the council will take on the running of Orangebox, at Blackledge, Halifax,...

Thursday, 12:20 in Yorkshire & Humber

Performers at Calderdale strip club may have to keep on their G-strings

Performers in Calderdale sex entertainment establishments may not reveal all, after all. Calderdale Council’s new licensing policy for such establishments is going back to the Licensing and Scrutiny Committee for re-appraisal at the full council’s...

Thursday, 12:20 in Yorkshire & Humber

This is why Yorkshire does not currently have a hosepipe ban

United Utilities recently announced that a hosepipe ban will come into place on August 5 in the north-west of England, but where else in the UK has one and why doesn’t Yorkshire? A hosepipe ban was introduced in Northern Ireland at the end of June and...

Wednesday, 15:24 in Yorkshire & Humber

Leeds Festival to offer free emergency contraception to attendees

Leeds Festival is now offering free emergency contraception to attendees, in an effort to safeguard festival-goers against unprotected sex. The popular music festival, along with fellow UK events Rize and Bestival, has signed on with The Medicine Man...

Wednesday, 15:24 in Yorkshire & Humber

Quiz: Which Love Island contestant are you?

Love Island has gripped the nation since it began in June, with many viewers having their favourite and not so favourite contestants. But which Love Island contestant are you most like? Take the quiz to find out...

Wednesday, 15:24 in Yorkshire & Humber

The poisonous plants that could harm your children - and the symptoms to watch out for

Although many garden and woodland plants are completely harmless to wildlife and humans alike, there are also some specific poisonous plants which can pose an extreme danger - especially if your little ones come into contact with them. These plants...

Wednesday, 10:27 in Yorkshire & Humber

Fresh appeal in search for Brighouse hard hat burglars

Police investigating a burglary in Brighouse have issued a fresh appeal. The break-in happened at an apartment block in Millroyd Mill, Huddersfield Road, one June 18. Two men entered the apartments wearing fluorescent jackets and white hard hats...

Wednesday, 10:27 in Yorkshire & Humber

This is what the weather is set to be like in Yorkshire over the school summer holidays

With the schools set to break up next week, the question many people will be asking is: what the weather will be like during the summer break? Although the weather in the past few weeks has been unusually warm and bright, with record-breaking...

Tuesday, 17:02 in Yorkshire & Humber

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