Why is iPhone autocorrecting ‘I’ and how to stop it?

Why is iPhone autocorrecting ‘I’ and how to stop it?

If you were one of the hundreds of people who queued up at Apple stores around the world last week ahead of the release of the flagship iPhone X then not being able to type ‘I’ on your new phone is going to be a bummer.
There are reports from iPhone users across the world using Apple’s latest software iOS 11 that there is a problem with typing the letter ‘I’ on its own.
So either you only speak in the third person from now on, or you can team up with the other hundreds of Twitter users to @ Apple and harass them to fix the problem.
The iOS 11 software’s autocorrect feature seems to be the... read more

8 November 2017 in Hot News, Views: 60
Source: Metro

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