Why do so many doctors fail to take women suffering pain as seriously as men even though research proves that females DON’T have a higher pain threshold after all

Daisy-Rae Hayes has experienced head pain so intense that sometimes she would lose consciousness for a few seconds.
‘It was as though my brain was cutting out for a few seconds — giving me time to breathe,’ says the baker from Maldon in Essex.
It didn’t help, she says, that her doctors made it clear they thought she was exaggerating her symptoms. ‘All the signs your daughter is showing can’t be proved, you know,’ one neurologist told her mother when Daisy-Rae was 17, adding: ‘If I were you, I’d keep an eye on her.’
‘They seemed to have decided I was a hysterical girl, trying to get... read more

6 February 2018 in Health, Views: 29
Source: Daily Mail

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