Warriors who drank their enemies’ blood: They were one of history’s most barbaric tribes, but a British Museum exhibition reveals the Scythians also produced great art

They were one of the most bloodthirsty tribes on Earth. When the Scythians took to the battlefield, it was claimed the air was so thick with bronze-tipped arrows that the sun was blotted out.
Mounted on their lightning-quick horses, they fired volley after volley at their terrified enemies, before leaping to the ground to plunge axes into their opponents’ skulls, slicing them through the pelvis with their spears for good measure.
And when they had wiped out the men, they started butchering the women and the horses, before gruesomely drinking the blood of those they had slain.
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14 September 2017 in Science &Technology, Views: 45
Source: Daily Mail

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