Tyga thinks he had ‘lucky escape’ from ex Kylie Jenner

Tyga thinks he had ‘lucky escape’ from ex Kylie Jenner

They were the Romeo and Juliet of a social media generation but it seems that Tyga isn’t handling his breakup from Kylie Jenner all that well.
Apparently the rapper is blasting his younger ex to anyone who will listen, calling her a ‘manipulator and a liar’.
Tyga and Kylie dated for nearly two years before splitting in March and Kylie moved on quick, as by April she was in a new relationship with Travis Scott.
However, Tyga doesn’t mind Kylie’s rumoured baby daddy Travis Scott as all his anger is directed at the selfie star.
‘Tyga doesn’t hold Travis responsible for his breakup with... read more

11 October 2017 in Showbiz, Views: 40
Source: Metro

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