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Share a tip on affordable Japan for a chance to win a £200 hotel voucher

Share a tip on affordable Japan for a chance to win a £200 hotel voucher

Japan can be expensive unless you know where to go. So, whether you’ve explored temples and museums, discovered cheap street food, a hospitable family-run hotel, or cracked a way of getting around cheaply, please tell us your tips for travelling in...

Guardian, Tuesday, 18:14
Send us a tip on a UK historical walk for the chance to win a £200 hotel voucher

Send us a tip on a UK historical walk for the chance to win a £200 hotel voucher

We’d love to hear about great walks with a story behind them. The routes could take in Cornish tin mines, abandoned crofts in Scotland, medieval iron workings, Tudor mansions or Black Country canals … the possibilities are many. Please be specific...

Guardian, 12 September 2018

Have YOU got the skill to become the next Travel Photographer of the Year?

The hunt is now on to find the next Travel Photographer of the Year. And judging by some of last year's stunning images, the standard will be high in this tough contest. Travel Photographer of the Year is an annual competition that is judged by a...

Daily Mail, 12 September 2018

The four shortlisted designs for Riba's prestigious architecture award are revealed 

Stepping up the game when it comes to architectural design, four cutting-edge buildings in the running for the prestigious Riba International Prize 2018 have been revealed. The prestigious prize - awarded every two years - rewards the most...

Daily Mail, 12 September 2018

Online TripAdvisor review fraudster JAILED in ‘landmark ruling’ for selling fake write-ups

An online fraudster who sold fake TripAdvisor reviews to hospitality businesses has been jailed after a 'landmark ruling'.  The owner of PromoSalento, which sold fake review packages to firms in Italy, was sentenced to nine months in prison and...

Daily Mail, 12 September 2018

The world's most jaw-dropping volcanic landscapes revealed, from Hawaii to Indonesia 

From majestic cone peaks, to piercing blue crater lakes, this gallery of images showcases some of the world's most dramatic volcanic landscapes. Italian photographer Luca Micheli took an incredible aerial shot of a grass-covered volcano crater while...

Daily Mail, 12 September 2018

Thousands of passengers facing travel chaos as Ryanair pilots and cabin crew in Germany hold strike

Ryanair pilots and cabin crew in Germany have gone on strike, creating travel chaos for thousands of passengers in the latest flare-up of a bitter Europe-wide battle for better pay and conditions.  The Irish budget carrier said it was cancelling 150...

Daily Mail, 12 September 2018

From Ghent to the Ganges, the cruises sailing down the world's greatest rivers

There are some fantastic cruises on the great rivers of Europe and Asia next year. For instance, a seven-night cruise from Amsterdam stopping at Ghent, Antwerp and Rotterdam includes lectures, a cookery demonstration and dancing.  Meanwhile, luxury...

Daily Mail, 12 September 2018

The dream job! Why it's socially acceptable to fall asleep in Japan - while you're AT WORK

Want a dream job? Then perhaps you might like to consider moving to Japan - because it's a country where falling asleep at work is entirely acceptable. And the Japanese even have a term for it - 'inemuri', which means 'present while sleeping'. The...

Daily Mail, 11 September 2018

Britain will have to spend millions reissuing pilot licences if there is a no deal Brexit

Britain will have to reissue thousands of pilot licences costing millions of pounds if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal, leaked documents today reveal. Theresa May is facing a race against the clock to get a Brexit deal done in the next...

Daily Mail, 11 September 2018

Goat that deliberately gets her head ‘stuck’ in a fence

Animals have various methods for getting our attention - some whimper, some squeal and some squawk. But it appears that a goat in a petting zoo has worked out another way to be fussed over by humans - by pretending to get its head stuck in a fence....

Daily Mail, 11 September 2018

Globetrotters reveal some of the scariest and creepiest experiences they've had while travelling 

Travelling the world is often a dream - but sometimes it can become a nightmare. As globetrotters have been revealing on a riveting - and sometimes blood-curdling - internet thread. They've described seeing people stabbed with screwdrivers, meeting...

Daily Mail, 11 September 2018

The cathedral carved out of SALT which can hold 10,000 people and is located 590ft under the ground

Taking religious architecture to a whole new level - below - is a cavernous cathedral in Colombia, which is carved out of salt and located 590ft underground. The incredible Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, situated 30 miles north of Bogota, features...

Daily Mail, 11 September 2018

Eerie images by Romain Veillon show abandoned hotels, schools and strip clubs in Japan 

Japan is a country known for being clean and hi-tech, but these images show another, eerie side to it - hotels, schools, theme parks and strip clubs that have been left to rack and ruin. The creepy pictures were snapped by French photographer Romain...

Daily Mail, 11 September 2018

Your perfect Christmas gift! A merry Advent cruise on the Rhine aboard a luxury river boat

Wrapped in scarves dusted with snow, we climbed into our coaches – but not before we'd each been given a €10 note by cruise director Jeremy.  Our mission in the German city of Aachen, he told us, was to find a decoration that we loved to hang on the...

Daily Mail, 11 September 2018

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