Sione Kalamafoni did NOT rescue 20-odd kids from a burning orphanage... but the real life-story of Leicester's Tongan No 8 needs no embellishment

Just to clear up a misunderstanding, Sione Kalamafoni did not rescue children from a burning orphanage back home in Tonga. He has been feted for an act of heroism which turns out to be fake news.
'I don't know where that rumour came from,' said Leicester's No 8. 'It is wrong. The boys have been asking me about it and when I was at Gloucester the boys there were asking too – did I do that. I found out later it had come from Wikipedia. It basically said I had saved 20-odd kids from a fire at an orphanage. I didn't do that. I'm not sure why anyone would put that, when it's not true.'... read more

6 April 2018 in Sport, Views: 41
Source: Daily Mail

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