Shocking CCTV shows man being choked unconscious during struggle with two men who grab his £15k Rolex watch

This shocking footage shows a man being choked until he loses consciousness so thugs can steal his £15k Rolex watch .
The man was working at his computer when the thugs burst in, one grabs him round the throat from behind, while the other tries to prise the expensive piece of jewellery off his wrist.
The victim tries to give up a fight and kicks out at the men, but he is wrestled to the floor.
The clear CCTV shows the gold watch snatched away before the victim is thrown under his desk.
The 46-year-old is briefly unconscious, when he comes round he checks his wrist, but spots the Gold Rolex... read more

18 February 2016 in World News, Views: 22
Source: Daily Record

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