Shaa Wasmund: The boss who likes to box Smarta

Shaa Wasmund: The boss who likes to box Smarta

"Hire a cleaner. Seriously... hire a cleaner." That, apparently, is the top business tip of serial entrepreneur Shaa Wasmund.
"Why are you spending time cleaning, and ironing, and all that, when you could be spending that time on your business or socialising?" says the 41 year old, munching peanut butter and crackers in her London office.
A glance at Ms Wasmund's busy CV shows why she was tempted to get some help with her domestic chores.
In her career so far she has been the boss of numerous dotcom companies, a property developer, the head of a public relations firm, a... read more

31 March 2014 in Business, Views: 22
Source: BBC

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