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Nicola Sturgeon accuses Jeremy Corbyn of 'stalling' on vote to topple PM

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has accused Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party of stalling over a parliamentary confidence motion in Theresa May's leadership and “sitting on the fence” about a second EU referendum. The SNP leader said her MPs...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 09:00

Brexit: SNP joins opposition parties to demand clarification on vote

Ian Blackford has joined his fellow opposition leaders at Westminster to demand clarification on what Theresa May’s government plans to do next following yesterday’s postponement of a vote on her Brexit deal. The SNP leader in the Commons signed a...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 08:42

Barclays mobile bank customers can ‘switch off’ types of spending

Mobile banking customers can now choose to block their ability to spend with certain types of retailer, in a move which could put people struggling with addictions more in control of their finances. The new feature launched by Barclays could help...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 06:18

Glasgow City Council approves £200m build-to-let development

A £200 million proposal to create a new residential neighbourhood with more than 700 homes in a historic area has been granted planning permission. Residential investor Get Living said its build-to-rent scheme will transform a derelict site behind...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 06:18

Derek Mackay urged to set aside £10m for those hit by Universal Credit roll-out

A £10 million boost for Scots worst hit by the cost living crisis brought about by cuts to Universal Credit is being demanded by Labour ahead of tomorrow’s budget at Holyrood. The cash injection to the Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) could double...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 06:18

West Lothian school bus has ‘mouldy windows, a leaky roof and seats held together by tape’

THERE’S mould on the window ledges, water dripping from the ceiling, seats held together by tape and even a missing window. Johan Milne says the school bus her son has to catch every day is “sub-standard” – and a health and safety risk. But she says...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 06:18

MP causes uproar in parliament by grabbing mace in Brexit protest

Monday’s Commons debate on Theresa May’s decision to call off her Brexit vote ended in high drama as a Labour MP seized the ceremonial mace in protest. The mace represents the Queen’s authority in parliament; without it, parliament cannot meet or pass...

Guardian, Monday, 22:53
Desperate Theresa May reveals her Brexit plan B: buy more time

Desperate Theresa May reveals her Brexit plan B: buy more time

Theresa May is to embark on a frantic round of European diplomacy in a final attempt to salvage her Brexit deal and her premiership after a chaotic day in which she pulled Tuesday’s scheduled meaningful vote in the face of overwhelming opposition. The...

Guardian, Monday, 21:25

Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn under pressure to force no confidence motion in Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn is facing demands from Labour MPs to call an immediate vote of no confidence in the Government following Theresa May’s decision to defer the Brexit vote. More than 30 MPs, 15 peers and five MEPs have signed a letter urging the Labour...

Scotsman, Monday, 21:08
Brexit chaos: what happens next?

Brexit chaos: what happens next?

What has Theresa May done? Facing what she conceded to the House of Commons was expected to be a “significant” loss when her Brexit deal was put to MPs, Theresa May has instead postponed Tuesday evening’s vote. The process was not formally ended, as...

Guardian, Monday, 19:11

Shaun Woodburn’s grieving family wins change to ‘barbaric’ post-mortems – Tom Wood

I found last month’s commemoration of the end of the First World War both moving and intensely thought-provoking. Like many in Scotland, it was a catastrophe that marked my family; both my grandfathers fought and survived, but a great uncle did not...

Scotsman, Monday, 19:01

Brexit: Theresa May admits her deal 'would be rejected' over backstop

Theresa May has confirmed the government will not press ahead with a vote on its Brexit deal on Tuesday, admitting that it “would be rejected by a significant margin”. The Prime Minister indicated that she will travel to European capitals ahead of an...

Scotsman, Monday, 16:39
Almost £100k of public money spent on Brexit deal Facebook ads

Almost £100k of public money spent on Brexit deal Facebook ads

The UK government has spent almost £100,000 of taxpayers’ money in the last week buying Facebook adverts in a bid to convince the public to support Theresa May’s Brexit deal – only for the key vote to be delayed. The adverts were promoted with the...

Guardian, Monday, 15:47

Bianca Jagger warns of Brexit threat to human rights

Bianca Jagger has said Brexit could threaten human rights as she welcomed plans to introduce a new statutory human rights framework across Scotland. An independent review group set up by Scotland’s First Minister recommends the new law at Holyrood...

Scotsman, Monday, 15:28

What Conservative Brexiteers want from Theresa May – Steve Baker MP

Theresa May must now return to Brussels to renogotiate the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, writes Conservative MP Steve Baker, a key member of the Eurosceptic European Research Group of Conservative MPs. The postponement of the Commons’ vote is...

Scotsman, Monday, 15:10

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