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General election 2019: Why dogs at polling stations are trending on social media

Dogs at polling stations were out in force as voters took their canine friends to join in the democratic process. The #dogsatpollingstations hashtag has been an increasingly prominent feature of elections in recent years as people pepper social media...

Scotsman, Thursday, 19:16

Britain votes in high-stakes election as result remains unpredictable

Six weeks after a reluctant parliament finally granted Boris Johnson the general election he had demanded, Britain went to the polls on Thursday in a high-stakes vote widely described as the most important in a generation. Following a campaign...

Guardian, Thursday, 18:42

General election 2019: What is a hung parliament and a minority government?

An election does not always hand one particular party a clear victory. When the nation is divided over who it wants to lead the country, an election can result in a minority government. Here is everything you need to know about a minority government:...

Scotsman, Thursday, 18:38

General election 2019: Early queues in Scotland as voters report half-hour waits at polling stations

Voters have been forced to wait for more than half an hour in the cold and rain to cast their votes due to lengthy queues outside UK polling stations. Long lines in various parts of the country and a burst water mains in south-east London led to...

Scotsman, Thursday, 17:59

A-Z of election night jargon

A Agents: Everyone standing for election has an agent who manages their spending, form-filling and communications with election authorities, and is usually the person scowling as the result is read out if they haven’t won. Angry voters: Politicians...

Guardian, Thursday, 17:35

Brexit: Why Gibraltar’s border issue is most likely flashpoint for violence – Alastair Stewart

With hard-right politicians in Spain talking about fighting to reclaim Gibraltar, the UK needs to adopt a pragmatic, not an emotional, stance on the issue and work with the Spanish government, writes Alastair Stewart. It’s a curious time for EasyJet...

Scotsman, Thursday, 17:01

Election night: definitive hour-by-hour guide

The big day is finally here. After all the speeches, door knocking and TV interviews, voters are heading to their local polling stations to choose the UK’s next government. The race looks set to be tight, with polls suggesting that while a Tory...

The Week, Thursday, 16:47
The 15 pivotal video moments of the 2019 general election trail

The 15 pivotal video moments of the 2019 general election trail

The general election campaign has managed to produce some jaw-dropping gaffes and viral moments of ineptitude from our leading politicians. Here’s a selection of the video moments of the campaign: Rees-Mogg sparks fury with Grenfell comments The...

Guardian, Thursday, 14:11

General election 2019 results: when Scottish constituencies start declaring, and what time we'll find out...

Find out when your constituency declares. When the polls for the 2019 General Election close at 10pm today (December 12) counting of votes will get underway immediately at count venues in all 59 of Scotland’s constituencies. While some UK...

Scotsman, Thursday, 13:54

The seats where the SNP is hoping to make gains

Polling suggests the SNP is on course to emerge as the biggest party in Scotland in terms of seats. But where are the constituencies the party could make breakthroughs? The Nationalists returned 35 MPs at the last general election in 2017 - the...

Scotsman, Thursday, 13:38

The four most likely election outcomes

If there is one thing that this chaotic election has not been short of, it’s hyperbole. From the “most important election in a generation” to “a battle for Britain’s soul”, UK media outlets from across the political spectrum have bombarded voters with...

The Week, Thursday, 12:29
The campaigns: Corbyn focused on leavers while Johnson stayed with fanbase

The campaigns: Corbyn focused on leavers while Johnson stayed with fanbase

Boris Johnson zeroed in on pro-Brexit areas during the election campaign as the Conservatives made three times as many stops in leave seats as in remain constituencies, according to a Guardian analysis of the constituency stops made by the party...

Guardian, Thursday, 12:22

Poll: SNP on course to win most seats in Scotland but Tory vote holds up

The SNP and the Conservatives are predicted to be the big winners from the general election in Scotland, a new poll suggests. A final survey of voting intentions carried out on December 10/11 found Nicola Sturgeon's party on 43.2 per cent - which...

Scotsman, Thursday, 11:57

'This general election was a pageant of evasion and deception' - Paris Gourtsoyannis

The Scotsman's Westminster correspondent, Paris Gourtsoyannis, reflects on a divisive general election campaign which can only bring more disappointment. Since moving to London, I’ve acted as a proxy voter for a friend who moved to Europe - someone...

Scotsman, Thursday, 11:57

SNP accused of breaking election rules for 'handing out' mince pies in Fife

SNP campaigners in Fife have been accused of 'treating' by allegedly giving festive mince pies to voters. It has been claimed a member of the public complained to police about the incident in North East Fife yesterday. READ MORE: Scottish shopper...

Scotsman, Thursday, 11:52

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