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RBS issues stark warning over Brexit despite doubling of profits

The Royal Bank of Scotland has warned that a ‘cooling off’ in the economy relating to Brexit will soon be felt by the company, even as it posted strong figures for 2018. The banking giant, which is still around two-thirds owned by the Government, saw...

Scotsman, Friday, 13:36

Brexit: To expats in EU, the UK sounds like it’s preparing for war – Alastair Stewart

British ‘expats’ living in Spain are not all beach-going retirees, most of them are of working age, and they are in agony over the uncertainty that still surrounds Brexit, writes Alastair Stewart. The single best example of ‘cognitive dissonance’ I’ve...

Scotsman, Friday, 12:10

Ross Thomson allegations: Inquiry by parliamentary body ‘dropped’

An Scottish Conservative MP at the centre of allegations of sexual harassment in a Westminster bar will not be investigated by Commons standards authorities, it has been reported. Ross Thomson denies reports that he touched men inappropriately in...

Scotsman, Friday, 12:10
Wind farms refused locally win Scottish Government appeals on 13 occasions in Tayside and Fife

Wind farms refused locally win Scottish Government appeals on 13 occasions in Tayside and Fife

Wind farms rejected by councils in Tayside and Fife have been waved through 13 times by ministers in Edinburgh. Analysis of planning data by The Courier shows eight refused applications for turbine developments in Tayside and five in Fife have been...

The Courier, Friday, 07:37

Labour demands change in how sexual assault crimes are dealt with by Scottish courts

Law chiefs are facing demands for an urgent change in the way sexual assault crimes are dealt with by courts folliwng the case of a teenager who escaped jail after offences involving a six-year-old girl. The Scottish Sentencing Council says it is...

Scotsman, Friday, 06:25

Watchdog warns of bullying culture within health boards

Harassment and bullying by members of Scotland’s health boards is more widespread than in other public organisations, the Standards Commission has found. Almost a quarter of health board members say they have experienced “disrespectful conduct”,...

Scotsman, Friday, 06:25

Joyce McMillan: Whether it’s Winston Churchill or Shamima Begum, beware the simplicity of hate

Oscar Wilde once said the truth is rarely pure and never simple – and we should remember that amid attempts to turn John McDonnell, Winston Churchill or Shamima Begum into hate figures, writes Joyce McMillan. In an age of extreme polarisation in...

Scotsman, Friday, 06:25

Brexit: Real risks of UK becoming a ‘less friendly place’ – leader comment

As MPs indulged in political theatre, a leading light of the arts issued a warning of real substance about Britain’s place in the world. It took a Supreme Court ruling for MPs to win the right to hold a “meaningful vote” about Brexit. Yesterday saw a...

Scotsman, Friday, 06:25

Brexit: No one should be ‘hung from a lamp post’ – Ayesha Hazarika

As arguments over Brexit rage, the tide of online hatred is starting to inundate real-life public discourse with women a particular target, writes Ayesha Hazarika. I always love a trip to Glasgow. Especially for the old banter with the black cab...

Scotsman, Friday, 06:25

Why workplace parking tax is part of a virtuous circle – Alastair Dalton

A workplace parking tax is seen as a win-win measure by Edinburgh and Glasgow, cutting congestion and helping to fund better public transport, writes Alastair Dalton. How much did it cost you to get to work today? If you travelled by bus or train,...

Scotsman, Friday, 06:25
Six things we've learned from May's latest Brexit defeat

Six things we've learned from May's latest Brexit defeat

Some Commons votes have very clear consequences – either legislative or political (like a no-confidence vote). Others are rather harder to interpret. May’s defeat on Thursday was definitely in the second category, but that does not mean it does not...

Guardian, Thursday, 19:58

Businesses in Scotland could be fined for failing to comply with parking levy

Scots firms could face hefty fines over failures to comply with controversial plans for a workplace parking levy, the Tories have claimed. Penalty notices of up to £207.50 a day may apply if the guidelines from the only other UK scheme - in Nottingham...

Scotsman, Thursday, 19:29

Scotland’s leading universities to lower entry requirements to increase student diversity

Entry requirements for some of Scotland’s most prestigious universities will be lowered to increase the number of students from diverse backgrounds, it has emerged. The University of Edinburgh has introduced a new Access Threshold programme ahead of...

Scotsman, Thursday, 19:20

Theresa May’s Brexit deal suffers a blow as MPs inflict another defeat

Theresa May hopes of renegotiating her Brexit deal have been dealt a serious blow after her own MPs handed the government another defeat. A motion affirming the government’s plans to secure changes to the Withdrawal Agreement was rejected by 303 to...

Scotsman, Thursday, 19:03

Brexit: Corbyn and May’s lack of plain-speaking is a serious problem – Paris Gourtsoyannis

As Brexit looms, our leaders have kept us guessing on the big decisions ahead. It hasn’t helped anyone, writes Paris Gourtsoyannis. Speaking to politicians and other government insiders about what happens next, the most worrying responses aren’t from...

Scotsman, Thursday, 16:30

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