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Scottish Budget: Middle earner tax gap between Scotland and UK grows

The tax gap between middle earners in Scotland and the rest of the UK is poised to increase after Finance Secretary Derek Mackay confirmed today that he will freeze the theshold for the Higher rate of Tax in Scotland next year. And those with second...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 16:45

Vandal calls Labour’s Dennis Skinner a ‘jobby’ at Glasgow station

Veteran Labour politician Dennis Skinner’s potty-mouthed behaviour has inspired a ‘foul’ comeback from a vandal at a Scottish train station. The 86-year-old was forced to defend swearing at a member of the SNP in the Commons yesterday. Mr Skinner was...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 16:26
Ian Paisley under pressure over holiday to Maldives

Ian Paisley under pressure over holiday to Maldives

Ian Paisley is facing calls to resign his Westminster seat in the wake of reports he took a complimentary holiday to the Maldives after advocating on behalf of its government, which is accused of human rights abuses. The report by BBC Northern...

Guardian, Wednesday, 15:56

Scottish Budget LIVE: Derek Mackay delivers financial plans

Despite the chaos that currently reigns at Westminster, all eyes in Scottish Politics will be on Holyrood as Derek Mackay delivers his draft budget for the next year. The Finance Secretary has hinted that he won’t match his Westminster counterpart...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 15:27
Tory leadership challenge: the main contenders

Tory leadership challenge: the main contenders

If Theresa May fails to gain the support of 158 Conservative MPs in a confidence vote on her leadership on Wednesday, it will throw open the race to succeed her. There is no obvious frontrunner, and a number of people will fancy their chances. Here...

Guardian, Wednesday, 14:58
Brexit delay for a Brexiter PM is 'unrealistic', says EU

Brexit delay for a Brexiter PM is 'unrealistic', says EU

EU leaders will want to see who emerges as British prime minister from the Conservative party’s leadership contest before considering an extension of the negotiating time allowed under article 50. A special summit could be held in January to assess...

Guardian, Wednesday, 14:58

Brexit: Tory chaos shows need for general election – Danielle Rowley MP

The Tories are in crisis and Theresa May has lost all authority. Having led her Government to be the first in history to be found in contempt of Parliament, lost three important Brexit votes and ducked another to avoid defeat, she now faces a vote of...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 14:48

Aston Martin Valkyrie 2019: V12 engine specs, plus price and release

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is a hypercar like no other and now, thanks to a sneak peak of its V12 engine, we can reveal some of its most exciting features ahead of the vehicle’s eagerly anticipated release early next year.  Cosworth, the engineering...

The Week, Wednesday, 14:33

Theresa May’s handling of Brexit a ‘classic’ case of bad leadership

Theresa May’s handling of Brexit is a classic case of bad leadership, writes Stefan Stern The gauntlet, in the form of 48 letters, has been thrown down, and a vote of no confidence in Theresa May’s leadership of the Conservative Party is on. The prime...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 14:29
Theresa May could stand down before election, No 10 suggests

Theresa May could stand down before election, No 10 suggests

Downing Street has dropped a heavy hint that Theresa May would not seek to lead her party into the next general election, even if she wins Wednesday night’s confidence vote. As May embarked on a series of face-to-face meetings with her backbench...

Guardian, Wednesday, 14:05
PMQs verdict: good May performance – but not one for history books

PMQs verdict: good May performance – but not one for history books

Key points Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn condemn Tuesday’s deadly attack in Strasbourg. Corbyn then asks May to tell MPs what changes she has secured to her Brexit deal? May says she listened to concerns in the house and that’s why she travelled...

Guardian, Wednesday, 13:47
Brexit cliff-edge looms as Tories wage 40-year-old civil war

Brexit cliff-edge looms as Tories wage 40-year-old civil war

Theresa May will be hoping that if she wins Wednesday night’s confidence vote the haemorrhaging of her authority will finally end. However, in practice the gridlock in parliament that made it impossible for her to put her Brexit deal to MPs this week...

Guardian, Wednesday, 13:47

Pay increase for MSPs announced at Holyrood committee

MSPs will receive a pay increase of 2.3% from April next year, it has been announced. Speaking at a Holyrood committee, members of the Scottish Parliament’s Corporate Body (SPCB) said the rise, which MSPs do not vote on, is linked to those in the...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 13:00

Brexit: Live updates as Theresa May faces leadership challenge

Theresa May has vowed to fight an effort to oust her as Conservative leader and Prime Minister “with everything I’ve got”. In a dramatic early morning statement outside the door to 10 Downing Street, Mrs May warned a change of Prime Minister would put...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 12:48

Who are the possible contenders to be the next Prime Minister?

Enough Tory MPs have now requested a vote of confidence in Theresa May to trigger a leadership contest. But who are likely to be the runners and riders? Boris Johnson Prominent Brexiteer and former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (joint favourite at...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 11:53

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