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General Election 2019: The big names to lose their seats on a dramatic night

Labour veteran Dennis Skinner, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson, and DUP leader Nigel Dodds all lost their seats on a dramatic election night Here are some of the biggest casualties of the 2019 General Election: Jo Swinson - The Liberal Democrat leader's...

Scotsman, yesterday, 06:05

Brexit and the death of Britain’s global influence – leader comment

The UK lost its Empire but then found considerable soft power on the international stage by championining democracy and human rights. In 1962, the then US Secretary of State Dean Acheson observed the UK “had lost an Empire but not yet found a role”....

Scotsman, yesterday, 06:05

General election: Will Holyrood 2021 election drag politics out of the sewer? – Gina Davidson

This general election campaign – which saw politics descend to new lows – was just an amuse-bouche for the next Holyrood election in 2021, writes Gina Davidson. It was George Bernard Shaw who described elections as “a moral horror, as bad as a battle...

Scotsman, yesterday, 06:05
Election result signifies realignment of UK politics

Election result signifies realignment of UK politics

It has already become clear that the 2019 general election represents one of the more significant moments in postwar British politics: where the shockwaves triggered by the result of the 2016 Brexit referendum have translated into a Conservative...

Guardian, yesterday, 05:56

SNP makes clean sweep of Glasgow seats as Labour loses last city MP

The SNP capped another historic general election result last night by winning all seven constituencies in Glasgow, a city that less than a decade ago was viewed as an impregnable Labour fortress. Jeremy Corbyn's party had entered the final week of...

Scotsman, yesterday, 05:35

General Election Results 2019: Ian Murray holds Edinburgh South in catastrophic night for Labour

Ian Murray held his seat in Edinburgh South as his party suffered huge losses across the UK. Labour's Ian Murray delivered a forthright message to Jeremy Corbyn after being re-elected in Edinburgh South, saying not only the leader must go, but also...

Scotsman, yesterday, 05:35

General Election 2019: SNP steal Ross Thomson's old Aberdeen South seat from Tories

The SNP snatched Aberdeen South from the Conservatives just weeks after former MP Ross Thomson said he wouldn't stand again after being accused of a sex assault in a Westminster bar. Stephen Flynn polled 20,388 votes for the Nationalists (44.7 per...

Scotsman, yesterday, 04:52

Nicola Sturgeon: Boris Johnson has no mandate to take Scotland out of EU

Nicola Sturgeon has said the SNP's emphatic election victory north of the Border is proof that Scotland does not want Brexit or Boris Johnson as prime minister. Speaking in Glasgow on another historic night for her party, the First Minister said Scots...

Scotsman, yesterday, 04:52

General Election 2019 - SNP's deputy leader Kirsty Blackman 'overwhelmed' by Aberdeen North win

SNP deputy leader Kirsty Blackman said she was overwhelmed by her win in Aberdeen North which crushed her traditional Labour rivals and increased her own vote share by 12.7 per cent. Ms Blackman pushed Labour into third place with the Conservatives...

Scotsman, yesterday, 04:22

General Election results 2019: Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland and UK on 'divergent paths'

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland and the rest of the UK are now on "divergent paths" as the SNP leader celebrated an "exceptionally good night" for her party, while Boris Johnson headed back to Downing Street. Ms...

Scotsman, yesterday, 04:22

Analysis: Where did it all go wrong for Jo Swinson?

Jo Swinson's position as Liberal Democrat looks all but over after losing her seat in East Dunbartonshire following a disappointing night for the party. It topped a disappointing night for her party which is not expected to build significantly on the...

Scotsman, yesterday, 04:22

Pound soars following exit polls predicting Tory majority

The pound has soared against the dollar and the euro as an exit poll predicted a Conservative majority. Sterling hit an 18-month high against the dollar and was in touching distance of pre-Brexit referendum levels against the euro. A pound was up...

Scotsman, yesterday, 03:39

General Election 2019: Jeremy Corbyn stands down as Labour leader

Jeremy Corbyn is to step down as leader of the Labour Party after it barrelled towards its worst general election result since 1983. Corbyn said he will not lead the party into another election but pledged to carry on as Islington North MP and interim...

Scotsman, yesterday, 03:39

General Election 2019: Stories of the night in pictures

The best pictures showing the counting in your local constituency, Police Scotland taking ballot papers out of Glasgow and more. 1. General Election 2019 Police were seen taking away removing ballot papers from a counting centre in Glasgow after some...

Scotsman, yesterday, 03:39
Nigel Farage’s project falls flat as Brexit party set to win zero seats

Nigel Farage’s project falls flat as Brexit party set to win zero seats

The election looks set to be a disaster for the Brexit party with the exit poll predicting it will not gain a single seat. Nigel Farage’s party failed its first test in Peter Mandelson’s former constituency of Hartlepool in north-east England, where...

Guardian, yesterday, 03:36

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