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A vote for Scottish independence? 54% of Scots backed pro-Union parties – Pamela Nash

The SNP's general election campaign was dominated by trying to "Stop Brexit" and a majority of Scots still backed parties in favour of staying in the UK, writes Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union. Nicola Sturgeon ran an...

Scotsman, yesterday, 12:35

General election 2019: SNP cheers and Labour sorrow as Scotland takes a different path

It may have been another SNP landslide in Scotland, but the mood of the 2019 general election was very different to 2015, writes Chris McCall When the SNP last achieved a clean sweep of seats in Glasgow four years ago, there was a genuine air of...

Scotsman, yesterday, 12:14

Despite his big win, can Boris Johnson expect stormy weather ahead in Scotland?

Boris Johnson has been returned to Downing Street with a majority not seen by the Conservatives since Margaret Thatcher was leader, but will he also have as stormy a relationship with Scotland as she did? The Scottish Conservatives had embraced his...

Scotsman, yesterday, 11:56

Nicola Sturgeon branded ‘ungracious’ after celebrating Jo Swinson losing her seat

The First Minister has been called “ungracious” after being caught on camera celebrating the news that Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson had lost her seat to SNP candidate Amy Callaghan in Dunbartonshire East. The SNP leader was about to give an interview to...

Scotsman, yesterday, 10:59

Angus Robertson: Why general election result is green light for Scottish independence vote

The SNP under Nicola Sturgeon has won another impressive mandate to hold a referendum on Scottish independence, writes former SNP depute leader Angus Robertson. The UK general election made one thing abundantly clear: the United Kingdom is not...

Scotsman, yesterday, 10:51

POLL: Is it now time for a second Scottish referendum even if the UK Government refuses?

Calls for a second Scottish independence referendum will become louder after yesterday’s general election. With the SNP taking six seats from a Conservative party who won a significant overall majority it suggests we may be a nation more divided than...

The Courier, yesterday, 10:36

General Election 2019: Ian Murray says Labour must 'adapt or die'

Labour's sole Scottish MP, Ian Murray, has said his party must adapt or die, while Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said the results were "deeply disappointing". Labour lost the six seats they had gained at the 2017 election, leaving...

Scotsman, yesterday, 10:10

I love Jo Swinson like a sister and she was unfairly treated – Alex Cole-Hamilton

Jo Swinson, who resigned as Liberal Democrat leader after losing her seat in the general election, should return to politics because the rise of nationalism in Scotland and the UK means it is vital to have strong, Liberal and internationalist voices...

Scotsman, yesterday, 10:10

When is the next general election? Here's when Scotland goes to the polls next

Whether you're dismayed by the election night results or jumping for joy, there's no denying the past 24 hours have been a wild ride. SNP voters will be more than happy in Scotland, while Conservative supporters in England and Wales couldn't really...

Scotsman, yesterday, 09:36

General Election 2019: how high was turnout in Scotland and the UK?

Turnout was up in Scotland this General Election – as was the popular vote for the SNP. Boris Johnson emerged this morning as the UK's Prime Minister after the Conservative Party claimed a bruising majority, while the SNP claimed 48 of the 59 seats...

Scotsman, yesterday, 09:25

Boris Johnson now faces his greatest battle in defeating Nicola Sturgeon - Adam Tomkins

The SNP leader is the most dangerous populist of all, according to Tory MSP Adam Tomkins The greatest threat to Britain’s parliamentary democracy is populism. Earlier this year I voted for Boris Johnson to become the leader of the Tory party because I...

Scotsman, yesterday, 09:13

Analysis - can Boris Johnson hold together a transformed Tory Party?

Thursday night transformed the UK political map. Has it also transformed the Conservative Party? Boris Johnson clearly believes so. “In delivering change we must change too,” the Prime Minister told his party and the country this morning. "We...

Scotsman, yesterday, 09:13

GENERAL ELECTION: Map shows Scotland covered in yellow after SNP wins landslide

The impact of the SNP’s landslide general election success on the Scottish political landscape can be revealed. The pro-independence party won 48 of the country’s 59 seats – 13 more than the 35 it won in 2017. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said the...

The Courier, yesterday, 08:53

General Election 2019 - Conservatives hold Brexit-heavy Banff and Buchan

Banff and Buchan, home to two major fishing ports and a swell of support for Brexit, comfortably returned its Conservative MP. David Duguid won with 21,182 votes (50.1 per cent) for the Conservatives, beating SNP candidate Paul Robertson, who polled...

Scotsman, yesterday, 08:27

General Election 2019: Boris Johnson calls on Conservatives to be a 'One Nation' government

Boris Johnson has called on the Conservative Party to “rise to the challenge” of being a One Nation government that represents the former Labour heartlands it seized to win a historic majority. The Tories routed the opposition across swathes of...

Scotsman, yesterday, 08:01

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