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Greens urge Nicola Sturgeon to legislate for ‘climate emergency’

Legislation being brought forward at Holyrood to help tackle climate change needs to be upgraded to a “Climate Emergency Bill”, Scottish Greens said. The party is calling on SNP ministers to strengthen the provisions in its Climate Change (Emissions...

Scotsman, 6 December 2018

David Mundell urges Nicola Sturgeon to listen to business on Brexit deal

The Scottish Secretary will urge Nicola Sturgeon to listen to Scottish businesses on the Brexit deal, in a speech in London today. The Scottish Secretary will urge Nicola Sturgeon to listen to Scottish businesses on the Brexit deal, in a speech in...

Scotsman, 6 December 2018
Road less travelled: pro-remain Tory takes Brexit plan to Clacton

Road less travelled: pro-remain Tory takes Brexit plan to Clacton

As a remain-voting Conservative MP in one of only two places to ever send a Ukip representative to Westminster, Giles Watling faced an arguably uphill task anyway in selling Theresa May’s Brexit deal to his constituents in Clacton-on-Sea. But on this...

Guardian, 6 December 2018

SNP signals further tax hikes for middle class Scotland

Scots middle earners could face more tax hikes after Finance Secretary Derek Mackay said he “sensed” there is further scope to increase rates. Ahead of setting out his budget next week, Mr Mackay faces calls from the IPPR Scotland think tank to freeze...

Scotsman, 6 December 2018

Scots no more open to immigration than rest of UK, study finds

Attitudes towards immigration in Scotland are broadly the same as those in the rest of the UK, a study has found. Overall, more people across the UK think immigration is good for the British economy than believe it is bad, analysis authored by Sir...

Scotsman, 6 December 2018

Brexit’s causes would remain even if it’s prevented – Malcolm Bruce

The UK needs to find ways to improve the lives of justifiably angry people who voted for Brexit, writes Liberal Democrat peer Malcolm Bruce. The Brexit referendum opened deep divisions within the UK between those who feel ignored, frustrated and...

Scotsman, 6 December 2018

Brexit means Mackay must be cautious on income tax – Leader Comment

As Brexit looms, Scotland should not create too large a difference in income tax rates with the rest of the UK Scotland can ill afford to start a brain drain of people leaving Scotland for lower income tax rates south of the border, particularly as...

Scotsman, 6 December 2018

Brexit? A crisis? We’ve had much worse – Bill Jamieson

‘Sensual banditti’ vs ‘brutes, bullfrogs and clodpoles’ beats Leavers vs Remainers any day, writes Bill Jamieson. Brexit may seem like an unprecedented crisis to some, but British history suggests otherwise with ‘sensual banditti’ vs ‘brutes,...

Scotsman, 6 December 2018

Why Edinburgh Council’s housing crisis plan is in tatters – John McLellan

With the cost of Christmas, the Universal Credit roll-out and Brexit, plans for a new school in West Edinburgh won’t be top of everyone’s list of concerns, but right now it has smashed a hole in the council’s plans to deal with the city’s housing...

Scotsman, 6 December 2018

Theresa May accidentally helps Scottish independence cause – Tommy Sheppard

The UK Government’s Brexit deal must be rejected, and the UK should stay in the EU, writes Tommy Sheppard. Scotland did not vote for Brexit – 62 per cent of us rejected the idea in June 2016. If asked again today, that figure would be even higher....

Scotsman, 6 December 2018

‘Scotland’s Oil’ may have to stay under the sea – Kenny 

Scotland – once dubbed the only country to discover oil and become poorer – may have to leave some valuable reserves under the sea bed because of the need to stop climate change that is threatening the extinction of species, eventually including...

Scotsman, 6 December 2018
Unite leader warns Labour against backing second EU referendum

Unite leader warns Labour against backing second EU referendum

The Unite general secretary, Len McCluskey, has privately told Labour MPs the party should have severe reservations about backing a second referendum on leaving the European Union. The deep scepticism from one of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest and most...

Guardian, 5 December 2018
Holyrood votes decisively against Theresa May’s Brexit

Holyrood votes decisively against Theresa May’s Brexit

Theresa May has been told to respect the will of the Scottish Parliament after MSPs voted down her deal. The Scottish Conservatives were the only party to support the Prime Minister’s divorce agreement  and plans for trade talks with the EU in...

The Courier, 5 December 2018

Transport minister says ScotRail passengers ‘deserve better’

ScotRail passengers “deserve better” regarding being informed of delays and cancellations, Scotland’s Transport Secretary has said. Michael Matheson said the rail operator’s communication with passengers over problems caused by a shortage of train...

Scotsman, 5 December 2018

Scottish Parliament votes to reject Theresa May’s Brexit deal

The Scottish Parliament has voted to reject Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal amid claims it will leave parts of the country “severely and permanently damaged”. SNP, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens voted in favour of a motion...

Scotsman, 5 December 2018

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