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Five reasons why the Conservatives will (probably) win the election

Labour is expected to lose to the Tories in next Thursday’s general election despite a late surge in support for the opposition party. Here are five reasons why Jeremy Corbyn is unlikely to be taking over at No. 10: Boris Johnson is winning the...

The Week, 5 December 2019

Jo Swinson’s Andrew Neil interview: did the Lib Dem leader survive?

Jo Swinson has apologised for backing austerity policies during her years in the coalition government. During a testing interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil, the Liberal Democrat leader was repeatedly challenged over her voting record. Neil began the...

The Week, 5 December 2019

Would Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn resign following election defeat?

After all the election campaign speeches, column inches and television appearances, the fates of our politicians are sealed come results day. Previous Labour leaders Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband resigned their posts after poor election showings, while...

The Week, 4 December 2019

General Election 2019: What is tactical voting?

With the Conservative Party’s manifesto still leaving a no-deal Brexit on the table, Remainer groups across the country are pushing for tactical voting to reduce the Tories’ chances of winning a majority next week. Best for Britain, Remain United (led...

The Week, 3 December 2019

What will happen to UK taxes after the general election?

The main political parties are promising to spend big as they battle to win over voters ahead of next week’s general election. But both the Conservatives and Labour have come under pressure for their spending commitments, with the Institute for Fiscal...

The Week, 3 December 2019

General election 2019 latest: Boris battling ‘to prevent PR setback’ over London Bridge

The London Bridge terrorist attack on Friday afternoon has sparked a political blame game between the major parties. The Times reports that Boris Johnson is seeking “to prevent a public relations setback” over the release of Usman Khan, the convicted...

The Week, 2 December 2019

Do politicians keep their promises? The evidence

The conventional wisdom holds that politicians can’t be trusted to keep their promises, yet decades of research across numerous advanced democracies shows the opposite. In truth, political parties reliably carry out the bulk of their campaign pledges,...

The Week, 2 December 2019

Train operator says Lichfield passengers hit by delays will receive extra compensation

Rail bosses say passengers hit by delays will receive more compensation after admitting that services have not been good enough. London Northwestern Railway and West Midlands Railway, which operate trains to and from Lichfield on the Cross City Line...

Lichfield Live, 30 November 2019

Lichfield residents urged to support Christmas food bank appeal

People in Lichfield are being asked to support a festive food bank appeal. The campaign is being launched by Central England Co-operative after a similar initiative led to 75,000 items being collected to help those in need. The 2019 Christmas Food...

Lichfield Live, 30 November 2019

Melania Trump: 11 facts you probably didn’t know about the first lady

Melania Trump was this week booed by a roomful of Baltimore students when she gave a speech about young people’s opioid use. The first lady was addressing students just four months after President Donald Trump dismissed the city as a “disgusting, rat...

The Week, 28 November 2019

Family pay tribute to man killed in crash near Lichfield

The family of a man who died in a crash near Lichfield have described him as a “happy-go-lucky soul”. Ethan Samuel Williams, from Chesley Hay, was killed on the A5 in the early hours of 16th November. The 25-year-old’s family paid tribute to him in a...

Lichfield Live, 28 November 2019

How many seats do Labour and the Tories need to win?

The outcome of the 12 December election will decide the direction of both Brexit and Britain as a whole - but how many seats does each party need to secure to lead the nation? As the clock ticks down until polling day, here are the current numbers:...

The Week, 27 November 2019

Will climate change be the next political faultline?

Combating climate change is on course to join Brexit as a political faultline for UK voters, a new survey suggests. Sky News, which commissioned the poll, reports that the issue is “dividing the UK in a similar way to Brexit”. What does the survey...

The Week, 27 November 2019

What is a hung parliament - and what happens if we get one?

Two-time prime minister Benjamin Disraeli famously said that “England does not love coalitions”, but in recent years we have become quite used to them. Since 2010, there have been only two years during which the UK has had a majority government, with...

The Week, 26 November 2019

Will a Conservative majority government ‘get Brexit done’?

The Conservatives are branding the December vote as the Brexit election, with the pledge to “get Brexit done” at the centre of party’s campaign. Indeed, Prime Minister Boris Johnson repeated his favourite catchphrase eight times in his introduction to...

The Week, 25 November 2019

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