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Why oil industry must be kicked out of climate change talks – Mary Church

Carbon markets – offsetting emissions and 'cap and trade' schemes – are not the answer to the climate crisis, writes Mary Church of Friends of the Earth Scotland. As we look with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation towards the 26th United...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

General Election 2019: Brexit and independence on menu as SNP tries to retake Angus

Sitting at a high counter in Saddler’s Tea Room on Forfar High Street, the SNP candidate for Angus is taking a picture of his lunch. A plate full of Forfar bridie and baked beans might not impress the Instagram influencers, but it’s evidence that he,...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

Tactical voting could cost Tories General Election victory, warns Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson will try to rally Tory supporters after coming under fire for his apparent lack of empathy for a four-year-old boy left sleeping on a hospital floor because there was no bed available. With two days to polling day, the Prime Minister...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

Brexit Party expels councillor caught making racist comments about Muslims

The Brexit Party has expelled a local councillor and dismissed a part-time official after they were filmed by undercover reporters making racist comments. The two activists were filmed by Channel 4 News during campaigning in Hartlepool where party...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

SNP’s independence plans would leave £100 billion bill, says Richard Leonard

SNP plans for independence would leave the country with a £100 billion bill to prop up the country’s fledgling currency and usher in another decade of hardline austerity, Labour leader Richard Leonard has said. He warned of a “once in a generation”...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

‘You’re ashamed, totally naked’: How one rough sleeper got his life back – Alasdair Bennett

Love, kindness and compassion can play an important part in helping rough sleepers to overcome barriers created by society that keep them on the cold, hard street, writes Alasdair Bennett. “Do you know how much it takes to put your backside on Princes...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

General election: How victory for Boris Johnson may spark real constitutional crisis – Ian Swanson

Conservative politicians have already spoken about the Westminster government interfering in matters currently devolved to the Scottish Parliament, writes Ian Swanson. WE’VE got used to surprise results when the country goes to the polls. The last...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

General Election 2019: Johnson and Sturgeon both accused of 'running scared'

Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon have both been accused today of avoiding scrutiny. The SNP said the Prime Minister was afraid to face Scottish voters with Mr Johnson rarely seen in Scotland during the General Election campaign, while the Scottish...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

'Heartless' Boris Johnson takes reporter's phone after refusing to look at photo of child on hospital floor

Boris Johnson has been accused of being "heartless" after refusing to look at a photo of a child sleeping on a hospital floor because of a lack of beds. The Prime Minister was asked about the incident at Leeds General Infirmary, but rather...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

General Election 2019: NHS as important as Brexit to voters finds new poll

The NHS has risen as a voter priority according to a new poll, putting concerns about the health service almost equal to those around Brexit. The Ipsos Mori November 2019 Issues Index has seen the NHS climb by 18 percentage points since October, to 54...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

General Election 2019: What time do polling stations close and 8 other questions

Election week is upon us and polling stations across the country will throw open their doors at 7am on Thursday, ready for the electorate to cast their votes. Analysis by polling company Datapraxis this weekend revealed that as many as 80 to 90...

The Week, Monday, 14:49

Today’s back pages: London’s calling for Anthony Joshua and Leicester are in the hunt for the Premier...

AJ set for homecoming Metro and The Guardian report that “London’s calling” for Anthony Joshua after he reclaimed the heavyweight belts on Saturday night.  The British boxer, 30, beat Andy Ruiz Jr by unanimous decision in the rematch in Saudi Arabia...

The Week, Monday, 14:06

Labour vs. Tories: the first 100 days

The two main parties have set out their plans for their first 100 days of office if they win this Thursday’s general election. The focus on this initial period in a newly elected administration’s rule began in the US, where the round number is marked...

The Week, Monday, 11:36

Is the Brexit Party imploding?

Four senior Brexit Party politicians quit yesterday and urged their fellow Eurosceptics to vote Tory. With just a week to go until polling day, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Lance Forman, Lucy Harris and John Longworth announced they were leaving the party,...

The Week, 6 December 2019

Donald Trump lapsing into ‘the dotage of a dotard’, says North Korea

North Korea has renewed its verbal attacks on President Trump, describing him as a “dotard” for a second time, after he raised the prospect of military action against the regime. The North Korean foreign ministry said his words “must really be...

The Week, 6 December 2019

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