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Boris Johnson undermined by Scottish secretary Alister Jack over Brexit border checks

Boris Johnson's claims about post-Brexit border checks appear to have been undermined by his Scottish secretary, who acknowledged some goods exported from Northern Ireland into Britain would face customs inspections. The Prime Minister had promised...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 17:07

Scrapped school surveys won't be reinstated despite concerns about education data

The Scottish Government will not rejoin international surveys of education or reinstate scrapped schools analysis, despite rising concerns about a lack of knowledge about the performance of Scotland's schools. Education Secretary John Swinney said the...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 17:07

Boris Johnson's 17 most controversial quotes: Why he isn't saying sorry in election campaign

With renewed focus on his career as a commentator, a raft of offensive insults deployed by Boris Johnson have come to light again this general election. The decades of remarks, uttered in public office, scribbled in columns and penned in novels have...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 17:01

SNP ministers were kept in dark about infection risks at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The Scottish Government was kept in the dark about secret reports exposing infection risks at the Queen Elizabeth hospital, Health Secretary Jean Freeman has confirmed. The SNP minister said it was "entirely unacceptable" that the reports...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 15:49

Nicola Sturgeon: Conservatives can't be trusted on Scottish devolution

Nicola Sturgeon has warned the Conservatives' record in government suggests they can not be trusted on devolution if the party retains power at Thursday's general election. Nationalists believe the Tories have consistently used the on-going...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 15:49

Scottish independence 'could be accelerated' by UK trade deal with US post-Brexit

Scottish independence could be accelerated by a post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and the US, it has been claimed. Academics at the University of Sussex have suggested a trade arrangement would likely require changes to UK domestic legislation in...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 15:04

General election 2019: Who the latest polls say will win - and why the polling may be wrong

With just days to go until the UK votes in the third general election in less than five years, we are in the midst of peak polling frenzy. There are new surveys published almost bi-weekly in an attempt to predict the outcome of this crucial vote -...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 14:29

More teachers, but class sizes still larger than promised, new figures show

Teacher numbers are up but class sizes are still higher than they were 12 years ago, new figures show today. Average primary school class size stands at 23.5 pupils according to new Scottish Government statistics - static since 2016 but up from 22.8...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 14:18

Labour supporters in Scotland urged to vote Tory 'to save the Union'

The Scottish Conservatives have launched a fresh bid to convince Labour supporters to lend them their votes on Thursday to help stop the SNP's plans for a second referendum on independence. The Tories believe that many traditional Labour voters,...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 12:40

Jeremy Corbyn: Experience of four-year-old lying on hospital floor an example of NHS reality

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted the experience of a four-year-old boy lying on a pile of coats to keep warm while he waited for a hospital bed is a political issue. A photograph of Jack Williment-Barr, who was waiting for treatment for suspected pneumonia...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 11:51

Medal returned to Falklands veteran who was forced to leave Royal Navy over sexuality

A Falklands veteran who said he was forced to leave the Royal Navy because of his sexuality is to have his medal returned to him. Joe Ousalice said he had a medal for long service and good conduct confiscated when he was discharged after revealing his...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 11:51

Climate change: Here’s how to tell which countries are doing the right thing – Dr Richard Dixon

At the UN climate change summit in Madrid, countries are awarded the ‘Fossil of the Day’ for the worst interventions but can also win a ‘Ray of the Day’ if they writes do something worthwhile, writes Dr Richard Dixon. One of the bright spots in the...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 11:43

General Election 2019: how important is voter turnout?

Britain is once again going to the polls – and encouraging people to vote may be as important this year as asking them to vote for a particular party. Traditionally, low turnout has a disproportionate affect on Labour votes – as Labour’s voters tended...

The Week, Tuesday, 11:33

Tories aim to step up pressure on SNP in 'knife-edge' marginals in final days of campaign

A new advert focusing on Nicola Sturgeon has been launched by the Scottish Conservatives, as the party hopes it opposition to a second independence referendum will swing key marginals for its candidates. The party's interim leader, Jackson Carlaw,...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

Nicola Sturgeon condemns 'despicable' Boris Johnson comments on immigration

Nicola Sturgeon has condemned Boris Johnson for resorting to "despicable, dog whistle politics" after the Prime Minister claimed that EU migrants had been able to treat the UK as their own country for too long. Reprising the core message of...

Scotsman, Tuesday, 10:07

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