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Jeremy Corbyn: Labour has suffered 'unbelievable abuse' during general election campaign

Jeremy Corbyn has began the final day of election campaigning in Glasgow where he declared that Labour's principles were "stronger than ever" despite "unbelievable levels of abuse" from some sections of the media and right-wing...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 09:21

Ruth Davidson: I'll go skinny dipping in Loch Ness if the SNP win 50 seats

Former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has pledged to go skinny dipping in Loch Ness if the SNP win 50 seats at the General Election. However, she said she is making the pledge safe in the knowledge "that my modesty (and others'...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 08:43
Trees bridge the political divide. But Labour’s green policies look most solid

Trees bridge the political divide. But Labour’s green policies look most solid

Trees have had an unexpectedly good election, with every major party pledging to plant millions more of them. The exact numbers vary, and some parties seem unsure even what their own target may involve, but a huge national increase in foliage is one...

Guardian, Wednesday, 08:35

Conservatives’ lead narrows on the eve of general election

A new survey suggests that the election race has tightened and Boris Johnson can no longer be sure of securing a Commons majority. The polling model that accurately called the outcome of the 2017 general election now predicts that the Tories are on...

The Week, Wednesday, 08:02

General Election 2019: Poll predicts small Tory majority as race tightens

Labour has more than halved the gap on the Conservatives with less than 48 hours until polls close, according to the final detailed polling projection of the election campaign. On the eve of polling day, a major YouGov survey predicts the Tories will...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 07:33

'Soggy chips' warning as Edinburgh primary pupils want lunches cooked at their school

Youngsters have appealed to councillors to allow their dinners to be cooked at their school to stop them being served “soggy chips”. Councillors on Edinburgh City Council’s education, children and families committee agreed to consider allocating...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 07:04

Nicola Sturgeon writes in The Scotsman: Vote SNP to block Boris

Boris Johnson’s untrustworthy character is an issue in this vital general election, but a vote for the SNP will help put a stop to his Brexit plans, writes First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon. When voters go to the polls on Thursday, they’ll...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 06:50

Former Labour MEP urges Scots to vote SNP in general election

A former Labour MEP has urged Scots to vote SNP tomorrow to keep Boris Johnson out of Downing Street. In a letter to The Scotsman on the eve of polling day, Hugh Kerr warns against the prospect of a “hard right Tory government” and calls for tactical...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 06:30

Nicola Sturgeon: Don't let Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage decide Scotland's future

Scotland should have the right to determine its own future, writes First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon. This is the most important election in living memory - Scotland can't afford five more years of Boris Johnson. On Thursday, voters in...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 06:30

General election: Lies of our political leaders may destroy this country – Alexander McCall Smith

This most important general election may turn out to be a tragedy built on the lies of shameless politicians, writes Alexander McCall Smith. On Thursday we go to the polls, and on Friday we wake up to the find out the fate of the United Kingdom....

Scotsman, Wednesday, 06:30

Edinburgh's £45m concert hall backers exploring alternative sites as project paused

Plans to build the first new concert hall in Edinburgh in more than 100 years have been paused as the developers behind the £45m project explore other sites amid a legal battle over its New Town proposals. A flagship £45m concert hall set to be built...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 06:30

Richard Leonard: Here’s how Labour would make life in Scotland better

If the general election results in a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn, the UK will be able to end years of austerity, restore support for the Union, tackle the climate crisis and deliver a People’s Vote on Brexit, writes Scottish Labour Party...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 06:30

Jackson Carlaw: Here’s how to force Nicola Sturgeon to hit reset button on independence

In 2017, Nicola Sturgeon was forced to shelve her hopes for Scottish independence and this general election is a chance to put the SNP back in its box, writes Scottish Conservatives leader Jackson Carlaw. These last weeks have illustrated perfectly...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 06:30

Willie Rennie: How the SNP have spent three years making case against independence

The SNP wants to stop Brexit but then plunge Scotland into the even more calamitous break-up of the UK. We need to stick together and tackle pressing problems like education, climate change and mental health services for children, writes Scottish...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 06:30
Tories open second investigation into Hastings candidate

Tories open second investigation into Hastings candidate

The Conservatives are investigating election candidate Sally-Ann Hart for alleged Islamophobia just days after opening an inquiry into her for liking a Nazi phrase on Facebook and sharing an antisemitic slur. Labour has made fresh calls for the Tories...

Guardian, Wednesday, 06:08

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