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SNP 'must gain seats from Tories and Labour' to help secure IndyRef2

SNP must gain seats from the Tories as well as Labour at the 2019 general election if the party is to strengthen its mandate for IndyRef2, a constitutional expert has said. Nicola Sturgeon is expected to demand a Section 30 order - the legal mechanism...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 15:33
Brexit party candidates have been 'hounded', says Nigel Farage

Brexit party candidates have been 'hounded', says Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has claimed that Brexit party candidates have been “hounded and bombarded in the most extraordinary way”, complaining that “the tone of politics has deteriorated hugely” over the course of the election campaign. Speaking the day before...

Guardian, Wednesday, 15:28

Lawyer Aamer Anwar to name politicians 'twisting law' against ec Catalan minister Clara Ponsati

A former Catalan government minister charged with sedition is to appear on a voluntary basis at an extradition hearing at Edinburgh Sheriff Court tomorrow morning. Professor Clara Ponsati, 62, is charged with the archaic offence of sedition which...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 15:26

FMQs: Scots have the "right to change their minds" on independence after 2014

Nicola Sturgeon has rejected claims of failing to "respect" the outcome of the 2014 independence referendum, insisting: "People have the right to change their minds." Tory leader Jackson Carlaw warned the SNP would...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 15:26

General Election 2019: what is tactical voting and will it make a difference to the result?

With this week's general election poised to be one of the closest and most intense in recent memory, each vote will matter more than ever. Author and activist Rebecca Solnit once recommended people treat their votes like chess moves rather than...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 14:44

General Election 2019: Two million votes needed for SNP to have indyref2 mandate say Tories

The SNP needs to win more than two million votes if the party ever wants to be able to claim a mandate for a second independence referendum, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives has claimed. A day before voters go the polls, Jackson Carlaw and his...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 14:30

Tories face loss of St Albans as candidate fails to impress voters

Daniel Humphrey, a St Albans entrepreneur who set up the country’s first whisky subscription club, might have been part of the former Conservative leader David Cameron’s blueprint for the “big society”. He loves the town he grew up in, plays in...

Guardian, Wednesday, 12:46

Election Explained: Will Holyrood enjoy a "powers bonanza" after Brexit?

Among the fiercest  clashes between the SNP Government at Holyrood and Westminster in recent years has been the dispute over the looming repatriation of widespread powers from Brussels to the UK after Brexit. Responsibilities On the face of it, many...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 12:28

Marginal seats galore in Scotland with just four of 59 constituencies considered safe

Only four of the 59 constituencies in Scotland can be considered safe seats ahead of tomorrow's vote, the lowest number of any UK nation, electoral analysis has found. In contrast, more than 300 seats across England and Wales are considered...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 12:13

General Election 2019: The highs and lows of the SNP campaign

Nicola Sturgeon has led the SNP through their third General Election campaign in just five years at the helm of the party . From trying to stop Brexit to advancing the independence cause, here is a look at how they have fared. - What was the campaign...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 11:53

LIfe expectancy going backwards in "many parts" of Scotland

Life expectancy is now going backwards in many parts of Scotland and has stalled in almost all areas, official figures have revealed. Men can now expect to live to 77 in Scotland and women having a longer lifespan of 81.1, according to the latest...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 11:42

General Election 2019: when do polling stations open and close on election day – and how to find your...

This Thursday, Scotland will head to the polls for the first December general election since 1923. It looks set to be a decisive vote, with a batch of No. 10 hopefuls who want to put an end to Brexit uncertainty one way or the other, and steer the...

Scotsman, Wednesday, 11:27

Boris Johnson 'hides in fridge' to avoid Piers Morgan interview

Boris Johnson retreated into a fridge to avoid a TV interview, amid rattled nerves at CCHQ over a narrowing in the opinion polls. The prime minister was ambushed by the Good Morning Britain producer, Jonathan Swain, during a pre-dawn visit to Modern...

Guardian, Wednesday, 11:19

Instant Opinion: Johnson stunt ‘the perfect metaphor for Brexit’

The Week’s daily round-up highlights the five best opinion pieces from across the British and international media, with excerpts from each. 1. Michael Deacon in The Telegraphon smashing down your own message This stunt by Boris Johnson was the perfect...

The Week, Wednesday, 10:38
Final YouGov poll predicts six SNP gains including two in Courier Country but Tories to win small majority

Final YouGov poll predicts six SNP gains including two in Courier Country but Tories to win small majority

A poll on the eve of the general election has predicted six SNP gains but a small Tory majority overall. The final poll by YouGov, published ahead of the December 12 polling day, says that the SNP will make six gains in total, including Tory-held...

The Courier, Wednesday, 09:53

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