Online at 3am? You must be buying Peppa Pig pyjamas! Hour by hour, how the way we use the internet gives a VERY revealing insight into what makes Britain tick...  

The peak time for buying Peppa Pig merchandise (Britain’s most popular toy brand) is in the middle of the night, according to eBay, the online retailer.
Sleep-deprived parents are presumably taking the opportunity — as they feed a howling baby — to log on and make a purchase in the hope they can pacify their offspring with the promise of a plastic Daddy Pig car or new pyjamas.
Three o’clock in the morning may seem a strange time to shop, but it confirms we are a nation that is almost permanently online.
A typical household has more than seven internet-connected devices and the average adult... read more

17 October 2016 in Science &Technology, Views: 31
Source: Daily Mail

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