Man, 60, with a metal CUP lodged up his bottom claims he has 'learnt the lesson' of his life after it was inserted by quack doctors as a cure for his stomach ache

Hospital staff were astonished after a man was admitted with a metal cup lodged up his bottom.
A 60-year-old Indian farmer apparently agreed to have the 21cm tall object inserted there by local 'quack' doctors as a cure for his stomach ache.   
After realising he was still in pain despite the 'treatment' and his family arranged for him to see genuine medics at a private clinic.
They performed an endoscopy and an x-ray – and were horrified to find the obstruction high up in his digestive system.
A video shows them removing the object during surgery at Sarthak Hospital in Satna, in the Madhya... read more

28 November 2017 in Health, Views: 38
Source: Daily Mail

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