LA is a 'pit', Paris is a 'tourist trap' and Stonehenge is 'just some rocks': Travellers reveal places they visited that did NOT live up to the hype

Some destinations have so much hype around them, that you can be convinced that you will enjoy the place - before you even get there.
However, dozens of tourists have taken to a forum to complain about the times when the hype, for them, was not justified. In the slightest. 
One has described Los Angeles as a 'pit', another said Paris is a 'dirty tourist trap' and Stone Henge, considered by some to be one of the world's most archaeologically important structures, was simply 'just some rocks' for one visitor.
The discussion came after Reddit user ILikeNiceDiscussions posted on the forum... read more

28 November 2017 in Travel, Views: 49
Source: Daily Mail

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