Is your partner making you UGLY? How your other half could be giving you spots and wrinkles (and their facial hair and love of curry is to blame)

If you're breaking out in spots but can't figure out why, your partner may be to blame.
Indeed, according to skin expert Lee Garrett from The Garrett Clinic, being too close to your partner could be one of the triggers. 
From his facial hair to his penchant for curries, the skincare guru has shared six ways that your partner may be causing you to breakout - and they will shock you. 
1. He has a beard
 Beards may be trendy and rugged but when your smooth face rubs against his hairy face it will create friction, which stimulates oil production on your face and leads to blemishes. If your guy... read more

14 November 2016 in Science &Technology, Views: 44
Source: Daily Mail

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