Ian Cathro is aloof and awkward and in his own words 'not someone people want to spend time with' – Haggerty

Aloof and awkward.
Just two of the major criticisms of Ian Cathro.
And he was very much both of the aforementioned words.
Cathro struck me as someone who was not a particularly awe-inspiring figure in a dressing room.
He was certainly not a manager or head coach in the Brendan Rodgers, Derek McInnes or Tommy Wright mould.
In my mind I had always pictured Cathro as some kind of quiet, timid character like 'Hooks' in the 1980s Police Academy film series.
You know the one who was always engulfed in chaos and blew a whistle whenever she tried to get people’s attention to restore law and order.... read more

1 August 2017 in Sport, Views: 35
Source: Daily Record

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