'I'm just a normal guy': Made In Chelsea's Georgia Toffolo's dad is a humble rag and bone man who sells scrap metal for cash... and insists money is on 'other side of the family'

She mingles with the well-heeled Made In Chelsea set, has a reported personal fortune of £800,000 and once claimed she had never heard of Gregg's.
But it has emerged that Georgia Toffolo hails from humble beginnings, as her father Gary Bennett, 52, is a modest rag and bone man from Torquay, Devon.
The 23-year-old I'm A Celebrity star's dad collects scrap metal in his white van and sells it on for cash in between repainting his £200,000 flat.
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Gary defended his hard-grafting job, saying he is 'proud' that he is not a 'toff'.
'I am what I am. I’m not a toff but so what?... read more

25 November 2017 in Showbiz, Views: 90
Source: Daily Mail

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