Hot dogs with a zig-zag of mustard and opening beer cans with ammo clips: Internet users reveal 'the most American thing they can think of'

For many America is the land of the Statue of Liberty, the declaration of Independence and Uncle Sam.
For others it's the land of pancakes on sticks and opening beer cans with ammo clips.
This revelation has come about in the wake of an internet thread posing the question 'what is the most American thing you can think of?'  
Unsurprisingly, food was a popular theme in the Reddit thread, as were guns and sport. 
One person declared that 'deep fried bacon wrapped cheeseburgers' were the ultimate American thing, with another saying it is 'a pancake on a stick'.
Other food items that featured... read more

24 November 2017 in Travel, Views: 158
Source: Daily Mail

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