Forget getting clean in the bath, the Waterslyde will make bath time real dirty

Bath time just got a whole lot more, er, stimulating.
We've just discovered a brand new sex toy, and it's quaintly innocent and incredibly rude all at the same time.
The Waterslyde is a pink plastic "water diverter' which a lady can tie on to her bath tap to "divert' water to her... well... lady bits.
Ok, let's rewind.
A long, warm bath is one of life's simple pleasures, but apparently for some ladies, a simple soak is not quite pleasurable enough (if you catch our drift).
It turns out that there's a whole group of women who like to use bath time to indulge in a spot of one-on-one... read more

2 October 2015 in Lifestyle, Views: 60
Source: Metro

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