Father-of-four has been dubbed the 'elephant man' because of his massive legs that weigh TWO STONE each and is forced to beg on the streets

A father-of-four man is forced to beg on the streets as he is unable to work because he has huge legs that weigh just over two stones each.
Muhammad Saleem, is known as the 'elephant man' in Karachi in Pakistan where he has been begging for the last 17 years.
The 53-year-old suffers from hereditary lymphedema which has caused both of his legs to balloon.
His feet have grown to a gigantic 23cm in circumference and his toes are 18cm.
Because of the enormous weight and size of his legs, Muhammad is almost completely immobile.
He cannot stand for more than a couple of minutes and his wife... read more

20 November 2017 in Health, Views: 40
Source: Daily Mail

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