Equestrian has spent the last 11 weeks in hospital vomiting her FAECES after she claims her bowel was damaged during a keyhole operation and now faces a race against time to save her

A glamorous equestrian has been left in agony and vomiting her excrement after she claims minor keyhole surgery went horribly wrong.  
Kelly Yeoman, 34, was admitted to hospital to have a small fluid-filled sac on her ovary removed.
But she was re-admitted two weeks later after her wound 'exploded' and she was told she had an infection in her bowel. 
An operation failed to fix the problem and she now vomits after every meal - a mixture of food and her own faeces.
Three months after the cyst procedure, she is still confined to a hospital bed with her body slowly filling with her own... read more

24 November 2017 in Health, Views: 50
Source: Daily Mail

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