David Behrens: The internet is broken and the invention of Sir Tim Berners-Lee can no longer be left to market forces

SIR Tim Berners-Lee has this much in common with David Cameron: he let the genie out of the bottle and found he could not get it back in. Unlike the former Prime Minister, he hasn’t stopped trying.
As Westminster collapsed under the weight of its own rhetoric and Theresa May crawled from beneath the wreckage, Sir Tim was pitching up on the moral high ground.
It was exactly 30 years since he had sent a memo to his boss outlining his idea for a world wide web – the one 
that has enmeshed every one of us since. He acted out of altruism, not greed, and is thus not a billionaire, though I... read more

Saturday, 01:26 in Yorkshire & Humber, Views: 63

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