Come LIE with me! 'Rude' Air Asia passenger sparks pre-take off fury by 'upgrading herself' to premium seats then lying across the entire row

A woman has sparked a row on an Air Asia flight after 'upgrading herself' to premium seats.
The middle-aged women angered air passengers when she lay across a whole row of premium seats on the plane before take-off.
The flyer had booked standard seats on the flight, lasting four hours, from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong in late March.
But just before take-off she moved from her seat to a row of priority seats which carry an extra charge of £27 for having more leg room and often being empty.
The woman was asked by cabin crew to move back to her seat before take-off when premium flyer Bruce Lam,... read more

3 April 2018 in Travel, Views: 46
Source: Daily Mail

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