'Child abuse, lies and MURDER': Inside the desperate world of YouTube wannabes who think they will become overnight stars and millionaires like Logan Paul and PewDiePie but end up ruining their lives with extreme steps to boost followers

As it emerges the California shooter who opened fire at the YouTube headquarters was a frustrated vlogger, we explore some of the biggest scandals that have rocked the tough world of aspiring YouTubers. 
For every millionaire PewDiePie or Logan Paul, there are a thousand frustrated YouTubers desperately trying to get more views.
And sometimes that can result in aspiring vloggers pushing themselves to make increasingly outrageous, and sometimes disturbing, videos.
Some of those videos have resulted in furious backlash and even criminal charges against the posters.  
Last month, a 20-year-old... read more

5 April 2018 in Science &Technology, Views: 148
Source: Daily Mail

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