Bronze Age boys in Russia ATE their pet dogs during sacred 'werewolf' rituals in an attempt to take on the canines' killer instincts, according to 4,000-year-old charred bones

Around 4,000 years ago in Russia, groups of Bronze Age boys were encouraged to travel to a small village to consume their dogs and take on their killer instincts.
That is the finding of a new study, which examined the charred remains of animals butchered and cooked for nearly a century, sometime between 1900 and 1700 BC.
It is believed the ritual was a rite of passage for boys in the region, as they trained to become bronze age warriors in sacred rituals.
Some experts believe this kind of ceremony may be connected to the origins of stories of werewolves found in both European and... read more

20 November 2017 in Science &Technology, Views: 56
Source: Daily Mail

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