Badeshi: Only three people speak this 'extinct' language

Badeshi: Only three people speak this 'extinct' language

Would you like to learn a few words of a language only three people in the world speak?
Badeshi used to be spoken widely in a remote snow-clad valley, deep in the mountains of northern Pakistan.
But it is now considered extinct.
Ethnologue, which lists all of the world's languages, says it has had no known speakers for three or more generations.
But in the Bishigram Valley, we found three old men who can still speak in Badeshi. You can hear them in the video below.
"A generation ago, Badeshi was spoken in the entire village", says Rahim Gul. He doesn't know how old he is, but... read more

26 February 2018 in World News, Views: 152
Source: BBC

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