Avocado advert that ‘trivialised domestic violence’ is cleared

Avocado advert that ‘trivialised domestic violence’ is cleared

An advert featuring a man angrily telling a woman to eat fewer avocados has been cleared following complaints it trivialised domestic violence.
The television advertisement for credit score app ClearScore in June showed the man taking an avocado seed out of a recycling box and appearing to shake with rage.
In the video, he says: ‘What’s this? We’re saving for a house deposit in London, not splashing the cash on avocado.’
Appearing frightened, the woman replied: ‘I know, but since using the ClearScore app I’ve been tracking all our finances in one place so, eating an avocado just made... read more

26 September 2018 in Hot News, Views: 41
Source: Metro

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