Avengers Infinity War: Hulk's IMPORTANT role REVEALED

Avengers Infinity War: Hulk's IMPORTANT role REVEALED

Hulk doesn't say much, but he will be crucial to the survival of the Avengers in Infinity War.
Fans are already speculating that the end credit scene from Thor Ragnarok was the start of someting terrible.
Loki and Thor were shown staring out at a huge ship, which many believe heralds the arrival of the Mad Titan. If, as expected, Thanos seizes the Space Stone from the Tesseract and blows up Thor's ship, this would explain how Hulk falls from the sky and lands back on Earth.
What happens next rests on his giant green shoulders. 
Hulk star Mark Rufalo spilled all to Cinemablend.
The star... read more

13 March 2018 in Entertainment, Views: 76

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