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Chenot Palace Gabala review: ‘ageing successfully’ in Azerbaijan

I am lying on my back with a needle in my forehead in a white room in Gabala, a 2,000-year-old town in Azerbaijan surrounded by sky-scraper mountains and yawning canyons. “When you go home, meditate. It will change your life”, my doctor whispers,...

The Week, today, 12:18

What is TikTok and is it safe?

A Chinese video-sharing app that has amassed hundreds of millions of users is now tipped to become the next big social media craze in the UK. After launching just two years ago, TikTok - which goes by the name of Douyin in its native China - has a...

The Week, today, 09:04

UK holidaymakers warned not to book after 29 March 2019

Downing Street has dismissed claims families will be advised not to book holidays after 29 March 2019, as part of contingency plans being drawn up to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. It comes after The Sunday Times reported “senior officials have...

The Week, today, 01:48

Byredo's Ben Gorham: disrupting the business of fragrance

When the Mexican Revolution of 1910-20 devalued the national currency, enterprising blacksmiths found a new use for their Pesos: they were melted down to make chunky rings, then sold at a higher value. Post-war, the jewellery became more elaborate:...

The Week, yesterday, 11:36

Nissan Brexit letter ‘still too confidential to release’

A confidential letter sent two years ago to Nissan by the British government offering reassurances about Brexit is still considered too sensitive to release, a Reuters freedom of information request has revealed. The Japanese carmaker announced in...

The Week, Saturday, 02:14

BMW 3 Series 2019 reviews: is it still a class leader?

BMW’s all-new 3 Series stole headlines when it made its public debut at the Paris Motor Show in October. The company’s smallest saloon is arguably its “most important car of the decade”, as it introduces a new production platform that paves the way...

The Week, Friday, 16:18

St James’s Hotel & Club Mayfair review

Sir Winston Churchill relaxed there, Henry James popped in to pick up English colloquialisms, while more recently Alice Cooper has swung by to, well, the mind boggles. With a long and diverse list of celebrity guests and a history dating back to 1859,...

The Week, Friday, 13:41

Wine expert Matthew Jukes on a stunning shiraz

I first found Kym Teusner and his incredible wines back in 2006. Last week he announced a new business partnership with Spanish-owned grower Terramoll, which should bring his amazing wines to even more people’s attention worldwide. This year two of...

The Week, Friday, 13:41

Art of the city: the best contemporary art in Kiev

Snowy streets, iron grey skies, and an ongoing war with Russia: this may not seem like the best time visit Ukraine. But for travellers passionate about contemporary art and culture, Kiev is one of the most fascinating cities in the world today. Take,...

The Week, Friday, 12:06

Paradise found: a journey through Brazil’s balmy northeast

When I first arrived in Rio de Janeiro a few years ago I was quite the European cliché, on the run (from work and debts and family tragedy), and looking (with half-remembered photographs of Carmen Miranda crowding my tangled brain) for sun, sand,...

The Week, Friday, 12:06

ThirdHome: the Airbnb for millionaires

“See these black streaks on the floor?” says investment banker Marc Deschamps. We all nod, holding our third glass of magnum-served crémant. “They’re the tyre marks of German soldiers’ motorbikes from WWII.” We’re all stood around the restored...

The Week, Friday, 09:34

Emmanuel Macron to face no confidence vote

French President Emmanuel Macron is to face a vote of no confidence in the country’s National Assembly, less than 24 hours after his British counterpart faced down her own leadership challenge. Following a month of civil unrest over his economic...

The Week, Friday, 02:29

Six scents: the best luxury men's perfumes for Christmas 2018

Like the jewellery you own or the clothes you wear, your choice of scent says a lot about your sense of style. Hence why the world of niche fragrances appeals not only to those with a lot money to throw around, but also people who want to stand out...

The Week, Thursday, 13:24

Are in-car touchscreens safe to use while driving?

In-car touchscreen systems are coming under scrutiny from the Government’s motorway authority amid concerns about drivers being distracted while on the road.   Speaking at an event in London on Wednesday, Highways England chief executive Jim...

The Week, Thursday, 11:29

The Right Honourable Ralph: interview with a fashion legend

Ralph Lauren’s long-standing reputation for excellence precedes him. He has a lot of ‘firsts’ to his name: he was the first US designer to open a freestanding boutique in America (on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills in 1971); the first to receive two Coty...

The Week, Thursday, 10:37

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