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Police Scotland chief Sir Stephen House steps down as officers reveal call crisis

Police Scotland chief Sir Stephen House steps down as officers reveal call crisis

SENIOR officers were compiling a damning dossier of 999 response failures as police chief Sir Stephen House announced his decision to resign. The Police Scotland chief constable revealed on Thursday that he is to quit early after public confidence in...


VIDEO: Watch the 10 most EXPENSIVE car crashes in cinema, topped by The Blues Brothers

It's fun to watch but someone has to pay for it. Well, not really, but car insurance specialist 1ST CENTRAL has compiled a list of the most bank breaking pile-ups ever to grace the silver screen. Elwood Blues' epic crash in The Blues Brothers would...


Fiction in a flash: The best new short story collections

The Redemption Of Galen Pike by Carys Davies (Salt, £9.99) This delicate, magical collection won the Frank O'Connor Award for Short Stories and the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize and it's easy to see why. They are precise but full of beautifully...


Fiction: The Missing Hula Hoop by Rachel Elliott

Louise never imagined that she would do something like this. Do it so obviously, so publicly, without someone making her stop. But it goes on and on. She can't help it. This afternoon, as she stands outside Manchester Art Gallery, attracting quite a...

SNP warn Scots Tories to return £100,000 donation

SNP warn Scots Tories to return £100,000 donation

SCOTTISH Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has come under pressure to hand back a £100,000 donation from a controversial businessman who has links with a Serbian war criminal. The SNP claimed that the donation from Ian Taylor, the chief executive of...

Scotsman, 00:25 in Politics

The Observer view on Jamie Oliver’s sugar campaign

A decade on from his school dinners campaign, Jamie Oliver is back fighting a new war, this time against unhealthy levels of sugar in the nation’s diet. Once again, Oliver’s battles against vested interests and public ennui makes for an entertaining...

Guardian, 00:28 in Health

It’s great to formalise the right for families and carers to be with their loved ones

Imagine you wake up only to realise that you are in an unfamiliar place and it certainly isn’t your own bed. You hear lots of noises and realise that you are not alone and suddenly these strangers are entering your room. Scary sounding, isn’t it?...

Guardian, 00:28 in Health

Observer killer sudoku

Normal Sudoku rules apply, except the numbers in the cells contained within grey lines add up to the figures in the corner. No number can be repeated within each shape formed by grey lines. For a helping hand call our solutions line on 0906 200 83 83....


The Lords and reality have parted company

Who broke the House of Lords? When 600 years of the institution’s history is finally written, who will be the peer who might finally be reckoned to have dealt the killer blow in the decisive summer of 2015? Will it be John Buttifant Sewel with his bra...

Guardian, 00:30 in Politics

For Labour, a London mayor is essential. Defeat is unthinkable

The images that define Labour’s 2015 general election night are largely negative: Ed Balls’s strained smile; young candidates holding back tears; the faces of Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy and many more amid SNP exhilaration. But that wasn’t the whole...

Guardian, 00:30 in Politics

Portugal shooting: Three dead after domestic dispute

Three people, including two police officers, have been shot dead and another wounded after a domestic row in Portugal, media and officials say. The incident took place in Quinta do Conde, 30km (18 miles) south of the capital Lisbon. A 77-year-old man...

BBC, 00:34 in World News
Orkney peace chapel placed under full-time guard

Orkney peace chapel placed under full-time guard

Full-time custodians are to be appointed at the world-famous Italian Chapel in Orkney in an effort to safeguard the unique structure, which has suffered vandalism and break-ins including the loss of three hand-carved wooden plaques. Visitors will also...

Elephant for Glasgow installed in Bellahouston Park

Elephant for Glasgow installed in Bellahouston Park

IT IS intended to be a new symbol of the rich industrial heritage of Glasgow and a permanent legacy of its hosting of the Commonwealth Games. A life-size elephant – made out of recycled scrap from Glasgow-built locomotives – is about to take pride of...

Stoke City 0 West Brom 1: Tony Pulis won't back down in an argument and four more things we learned

Stoke City 0 West Brom 1: Tony Pulis won't back down in an argument and four more things we learned

West Bromwich Albion enjoyed a pleasant trip back down the M6 with Stoke well and truly out-bogeyed. The Potters have traditionally had an edge over Albion in recent years, but the arrival of Tony Pulis seems to have put paid to that. Pulis got a warm...


In pictures: An emotional arrival in Europe

More than half of the 264,500 people who have crossed the Mediterranean in the hope of settling in Europe this year have arrived in Greece - and most of those have landed on the five Greek islands closest to the Turkish coast. Photographer Fernando...

BBC, 00:38 in World News

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