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Arsenal transfer news: Nolito bid readied, Andrija Zivkovic chased, Alessandro Florenzi targeted – reports

A poor defeat away to West Brom hammered home the feeling that Arsenal may fall short in the Premier League again this season. The title is by no means lost but with plenty of injuries to key stars, it’s looking less and less likely. Unless, that is,...

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Magnitude 5.5 quake hits Chilean coast - USGS

A magnitude 5.5 earthquake struck the central Chilean coast on Saturday, south of the town of Coquimbo, the U.S. Geological Survey said. It said the quake, initially reported as a magnitude 5.9, was centered 52 miles (84 km) south-southwest of...


Paris stories: the trauma expert, the rescuer, the victims, the survivor, the heroine

The trauma specialist Eric Charles, psychiatrist An expert in psychological trauma, Eric Charles spent three days on special secondment in Paris. He was one of two dozen specialists brought in from across France to help those caught up in the attacks....


Five Australian Defence Force members seriously injured in bus crash

At least five Australian Defence Force members have been seriously injured in a bus crash in southern New South Wales. About 50 Defence Force Academy officer cadets and midshipmen were returning from a military training exercise when the bus rolled...


As Black Friday sales loom, pity the poor workers dealing with customer mayhem

Shoppers keen to grab a pre-Christmas bargain are being urged to show restraint during this week’s controversial Black Friday shopping frenzy, following concerns over the number and severity of physical attacks on shop workers during last year’s...

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What are gravitational waves?

What are gravitational waves? Gravitational waves are ripples that carry energy across the universe. They were predicted to exist by Albert Einstein in 1916 as a consequence of his General Theory of Relativity. Although there is strong circumstantial...


Paris terror gives cost-cutting George Osborne a security headache

When Jack Straw saw television images of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington DC in 2001, the then foreign secretary recalls saying to ministers and senior officials: “This changes everything.” In his memoirs, Straw admits that the remark was...

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Labour to probe tax breaks for businesses

Labour will launch a detailed review of the multitude of tax breaks offered to Britain’s businesses, as the party seeks to craft a distinctive Corbynite economic policy, according to shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Seema Malhotra. In an...

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The Observer view on the autumn statement

In this week’s spending review, the chancellor will spell out the implications of four more years of austerity. While he will talk in the abstract currencies of percentages and billions, in reality the impact will be the shaping of an altogether...

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Since when was ‘moderate’ a term of abuse?

Actor and comedian Robert Webb doesn’t rate Jeremy Corbyn (“Almost GM designed by Tories to lose the next election”) and has cancelled his Labour party membership, which I’m also doing (for similar reasons). Webb, who has been more polite than most,...

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Louis van Gaal: Manchester United want Cristiano Ronaldo transfer

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has confirmed his interest in re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has been strongly linked with an exit from Real Madrid at the end of the season, and United have been mentioned as a possible destination. PSG...

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Everything we hold dear is being cut to the bone. Weep for our country

Last Thursday, my wife was readmitted to hospital nearly two years after her first admission for treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She is very ill, but the nursing, always humane and in sufficient numbers two years ago, is reduced to a...

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Police, welfare, NHS, defence or councils: the areas at risk of the chancellor’s axe

Related: Paris terror gives cost-cutting George Osborne a security headache Home Office Home secretary Theresa May controls a £10.6bn annual budget, which has already been cut by 25% since 2010. Funding for the police has fallen during that period by...

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Counsellors feel the strain as calls flood in from survivors in wake of Paris attacks

Psychological support services in Paris have been inundated with more than 9,000 calls from survivors and families affected by the 13 November terror attacks, which left 130 people dead. “We’re overwhelmed, but we’re trying not to be,” said Carole...

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Manuel Pellegrini’s defence gamble fails badly for Manchester City

This game was supposed to be about Manchester City’s wealth of attacking options, not the paucity of their defence. Liverpool were considered to be the side with the defensive worries, with many fans nervous about Dejan Lovren coming into the side for...

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