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Chevron says it will push for Myanmar human rights

Chevron says it will push for Myanmar human rights

US oil giant Chevron has responded to criticisms over its partnership with a government accused by the United Nations of ethnic cleansing. The firm has multibillion dollar energy investments in Myanmar. About 600,000 Rohingya refugees have fled...

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BiFab work-in takes its jobs fight to Scottish Parliament

HUNDREDS of workers at a crisis-hit Scottish company and their families will march on Holyrood today demanding action to save jobs. The Scottish TUC has urged unions to back GMB and Unite members from Fife fabrication firm BiFab as they call on...


Homeless for Christmas

Universal credit shambles could leave thousands without a home by Lamiat Sabin THOUSANDS of families face the “trauma” of being threatened with homelessness this Christmas because of rent arrears racked up under the Tories’ universal credit, Jeremy...


Corbyn tells students: Labour will scrap fees

Hundreds demonstrate for universal university education in central London JEREMY CORBYN told hundreds of demonstrating students yesterday that Labour would scrap tuition fees. Student groups from across Britain converged on London for the National...


Hundreds to participate in Grenfell fire inquiry

‘Unprecedented’ number of applications to probe catastrophic safety failings NEARLY 400 individuals and organisations will be core participants in the Grenfell Tower inquiry after an “unprecedented” number of applications, the inquiry announced...


Explorer crowns himself ‘king’ of unclaimed territory

An intrepid explorer has proclaimed himself “king” of Bir Tawil, a small stretch of deserted no man’s land between Egypt and Sudan. Indian national Suyash Dixit travelled to the unclaimed 800 sq mile region. Upon his arrival, he planted a specially...

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Will doing a degree land you a career?

Will doing a degree land you a career?

"I feel overqualified at the moment working in a supermarket because for this job I'm doing now I don't necessarily need a degree. " Poppy Hunt would definitely like to earn a bit more money. She graduated in Fine Art from the University of...

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Construction Industry Training Board 'to shed jobs'

Construction Industry Training Board 'to shed jobs'

The construction industry's main training body could shed "hundreds of jobs", union officials warn, amid plans to shut offices. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is planning to shut its offices and college at Bircham Newton,...

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Town council to be scrutinised in review

Town council to be scrutinised in review

The number of town councillors in Workington is set to be scrutinised. Allerdale council will carry out a governance review of the 30-member Workington Town Council. The move, requested by the town body, willsee borough councillors analyse existing...


Mugabe sidelined as army takes over

Generals claim they’re ‘targeting criminals’ not seizing power ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe was “confined” to his home yesterday after a military coup. The armed forces seized control of the capital Harare overnight on the orders of General...


Merkel refuses to set date to shut coal-fired power plants

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel refused yesterday to commit to a deadline to shut down coal-burning power plants, despite demands by environmentalists as she addressed UN climate talks. Speaking at the COP 23 climate summit in Bonn, Ms Merkel said...


Children protest over New Delhi’s air pollution

HUNDREDS of schoolchildren marched in India’s smoggy capital New Delhi yesterday to demand action on air pollution. Meanwhile the government pledged yesterday to bring in new fuel rules two years early. Experts said that if less-toxic fuels were...


An opportunity for Zimbabwe

IF the military takeover in Zimbabwe signifies merely a shuffling of face cards at the top level of government, it will represent an opportunity wasted. The Zimbabwean revolution ushered in by the 1979 Lancaster House agreement that closed the chapter...

How killer throttled online date at hotel - then taunted her family using her missing phone

How killer throttled online date at hotel - then taunted her family using her missing phone

A DEVASTATED mother whose daughter was killed by a man she met on the Internet has told how he tormented her with sickening text messages. Andrea Aburas's daughter Nadine was choked to death on New Year's Eve in a Cardiff hotel room by her estranged...


Workers’ parties mark the historic 1917 Revolution

ROBERT GRIFFITHS reviews the recent international meeting of communist and workers’ parties in Russia Since 1999, communist and workers’ parties from across the world have met every year to exchange news and views, hold bilateral discussions with one...


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