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Australian doctors' impotent rage over refugees has finally reached its limit

“Your government does what with refugee children?” was the subtext of the discreet email from my friend, an American paediatric ethicist. “Thought you might be interested.” Underneath, several international posts were attached about the protest by...

Guardian, 00:00 in Health
Campaigners put Erewash ‘on frontline’ of environment fight

Campaigners put Erewash ‘on frontline’ of environment fight

Do you want to preserve Erewash's natural environment or are you happy for major infrastructure projects to drastically change the area's environment? That is the question posed by campaigners who say that because of government decisions, the area...


Swiss authorities agree to extradite FIFA official to the United States

The Swiss Federal Department of Justice (FOJ) has approved the extradition of Julio Rocha to the United States and subsequent extradition to Nicaragua. Rocha was one of seven FIFA officials arrested in Zurich in May on corruption charges, and has been...

David Cameron to publish EU reform demands

David Cameron to publish EU reform demands

DAVID Cameron will publish full details of his demands for European Union reform and has promised to "quicken the pace" of negotiations leading to a referendum on UK membership. The prime minister will set out the changes he is seeking in a...

Myanmar signs ceasefire with eight rebel armies

Myanmar signs ceasefire with eight rebel armies

MYANMAR'S government and eight smaller ethnic rebel armies signed a ceasefire agreement to end more than six decades of fighting, but other more powerful groups refused to come on board. The pact was signed at a ceremony in Myanmar’s administrative...


From Butchers Creek to Berlin: did Douglas Grant see the body of an Indigenous relative in Germany?

Butchers Creek isn’t flowing today despite the rain that whips across the cane fields in drenching horizontal sheets. So imbued with evil happening is Butchers Creek that my imagination had rendered it a treacherous torrent inside a deep, black...

Outcry as Danish zoo dissects lion ‘for education'

Outcry as Danish zoo dissects lion ‘for education'

A DANISH zoo publicly dissected a year-old male lion, pulling out its organs to show a few hundred people including children - an event met outside Denmark with criticism and online protests. Adult spectators brought scarves to their noses to ward off...


Rising antibiotic resistance increasing risks of routine surgery – study

Routine surgery and chemotherapy may become all but impossible unless urgent action is taken to halt the waning efficacy of antibiotic drugs, according to research. A paper says rising resistance to antibiotics routinely used to prevent patients...

Guardian, 00:04 in Health
China now has more billionaires than the US

China now has more billionaires than the US

CHINA has passed the United States in the number of billionaires, driven by the rise of fortunes in technology and manufacturing, according to a new survey. Despite a cooling economy, the number of Chinese billionaires rose by 242 this year to 596,...

Ebola virus may have lain dormant in Pauline Cafferkey's body

Ebola virus may have lain dormant in Pauline Cafferkey's body

LEADING scientists have suggested that the Ebola virus could have lain dormant in the body of a Scots nurse before being triggered by her immune system. Pauline Cafferkey continued to battle for her life yesterday at the Royal Free Hospital in London...

Scotsman, 00:05 in Health

Average monthly rent hits record high of £816, highlighting housing shortage

Inflation may have dipped into minus figures, but rents have leapt by an average of between 6.3% and 8.5% over the past year, according to two reports, highlighting the dramatic extent to which the cost of a place to live has uncoupled from the cost...

Guardian, 00:07 in Business

Volkswagen faces potential class-action lawsuits over emissions scandal

Several potential class-action lawsuits have been filed in Michigan against Volkswagen over the company’s diesel emissions scandal, as US regulators ratcheted up questioning of the auto giant. Related: UK Volkswagen boss denies cars emitted higher...

Guardian, 00:07 in Business

Sir Tom Jones: My six best albums

New album, Long Lost Suitcase, is a companion to Jones's autobiography, Over The Top And Back. Both are out now. JERRY LEE LEWIS: High School Confidential (Summit) I got this in Freddy Fay's in Pontypridd and still have it with the shop stamp on the...


MP Vince Cable: My six best books

THE HEART OF THE MATTER by Graham Greene Vintage, £8.99 A wonderful writer. When I started reading good quality literature in my late teens, I wanted to read everything he'd done. This is his deepest and best book. The main character is a Catholic...


According To Yes and Call Me Dave: Book reviews

According To Yes by Dawn French Michael Joseph, £20 Glacial matriarch Glenn rules over the clan with an iron fist, expecting all to fall into line with her way of thinking. At 83, her husband Thomas feels unappreciated and worries his best days are...


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